1 kv crosslinked heat shrinkable cable accessories among three core making process

by:Mings     2020-07-01

1 kv crosslinked heat shrinkable cable accessories among three core making process introduced what is? In this article, the power of small make up to introduce to everyone, hope to be of help.

1。 Straightening cable

the cable alignment, overlapping 200 - on both ends After confirmed joint center, 300 mm in the center of sawing. Pay attention to clean on both ends of the cable outer sheath 2 m long.

2。 Cutting kai packed layer

since the outer sheath incision in 30 - - - - - - - 50 mm kai packed layer ( To paint) With a copper cable tie binding, after the rest of the strip. Note shall not exceed the kai two-thirds of thickness, cutting depth of incision should be flush, there should be no sharp corners and sharp edges, don't hurt while cutting the inner structure.

3。 Shell lining layer and filler

since kai to incision in 20 mm lining layer, the rest and the filler strip. Do not hurt the insulating layer.

4。 Stripping the insulation layer

online core end to remove 1/2 over long and 5 mm of the main insulation layer. Do not and conducting wire core.

5。 Set of people pipe

in cutting long side of the insulating tube, metal sheath and protect casing, sealed in cutting short sleeve sealing protective casing. Notice shall not be missed.

6。 Pressure after taking over

the cable are pressure followed over, 2 on both ends of the pressure. Note after pressure to the cutting edges, burrs, should go to order and connecting pipe surface cleaning, pit application half filled conductive belt.

7。 Fixed insulating tube

insulating tube symmetry at the center of the connection pipe installation, and the heat shrinkage fixed in the middle. Pay attention to the fire in the direction of the contraction, banning the use of fire, heat shrinkage flame should revolve and move.

8。 Installation of ground wire

in the ground wire with copper cable tie cable end tied tightly to the paint and welded steel kai, then tied winding wire core to the other end of the cable, also tied tightly to paint on steel kai and welded. Attention to plunge into silk of not less than 3, welding surface not less than 1/3 of the circumference of a circle, solder joint and the firm should handle the flat wire head, there should be no sharp corners, burrs.

9。 Install metal jacket

the metal sheath respectively fixed on both ends and weld on both ends of the cable steel belt. Pay attention to the solder joints and should handle the flat wire head, there should be no sharp corners, burrs. Intermediate head also don't put metal sheath, plus a protective shell.

10。 Fixed seal protection casing

will protect casing set to sealed sheath, heat shrink. Pay attention to the seal should be polished in advance and winding and sealant, adhesive width not less than 100 mm.

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