10 kv cable branch box product introduction

by:Mings     2020-07-20
10 kv cable branch box product introduction is as follows: 10 kv cable tapping box adopts high performance of SF6 gas insulation SF6 load switch and touchable screen type silicone rubber cable joint, has strong active load and no-load current of open circuit ability, and can be applied according to the requirement of the user arrester and earth fault indicator. Each ring network wiring in this series of products around the world have the freedom to quit and put into operation, the other ring circuits are not affected. Load switch can be attached on the fuse. When a branch circuit fault occurs, the team back to the way the fuse can disconnect the fault circuit quickly, and the impact of load switch trip break-brake, isolation of fault circuit, thus ensures the fault branch circuit power supply continuity. Manual spring energy storage mechanism can add electric operating mechanism and the control unit, electric and long-distance operation ( Optional) , also can be mounted to the FTU, realizes the distribution network automation. Cable tapping box 2 mm stainless steel plate, manufacture cuboid structure, corrosion protection design and static electricity spurts exports, paint processing, green environmental protection, the service life of the body more than 30 years. Box at the bottom of the cable into a small animals into the prevention measures. Enclosure dust, moisture, corrosion resistance, suitable for all kinds of bad environment.
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