10 kv outdoor application of post insulator brought security work without power

by:Mings     2020-05-20

in our life is inseparable from our power application, and application of our power to function is inseparable from our electric power equipment, our company produces kinds of power equipment is very much. 10 kv outdoor post insulator is today we introduce a product, the following our staff will take all of us to learn more products knowledge. In our electric power industry for 10 kv outdoor application of post insulator is very common. The use of it for me to buy electrical work has brought the very big security. Its structure and process characteristics: solid structure, instead of series of porcelain insulator for rubber parts adopt sand on the cylinder structure, excellent function, through the practice operation, and strong sex is very high. On the sand with sand is sand through a strict process control for granulation, has good connecting with the porcelain body function and reasonable expansion coefficient, can usefully progress product of mechanical strength. Flange structure is reasonable, the stress distribution of product when the average stress distribution. Its data is high mechanical strength of nodular cast iron, hot galvanizing appearance. Has excellent corrosion resistance ability. Plastic loaded with cement for high grade cement, plus reasonable maintenance technology, make the strength of the porcelain got abundant development. Any voltage grade of the product are single-column, has constructed a brief, long using life and less maintenance tasks such as strengths.

the content of the above is our for 10 kv outdoor related knowledge introduction of post insulator, our products can be very good in our electricity work obtained the very good application. Has become an integral part of our life. We all can be at ease for application.

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