10 kv outdoor design excellent operation of post insulator very long service life

by:Mings     2020-05-20

10 kv outdoor post insulator is a special space for captivity, and it is important to use in the processing of the transmission line has played a very key role, and this product has a very prominent practical performance when in use, are made by excellent design and processing, and life is also very long. 10 kv outdoor in the processing of the transmission line post insulator, has played a very important role, in many years ago, mainly in the use of the telephone pole, then with the continuous development of society, now used in the high type high voltage wire hanging by the edge of the many rotating insulators, in order to be able to better increase the creepage distance, are made by ceramic or silica gel processing. The product in the processing of the transmission line has played a very good effect, also played a better guarantee the product at the same time, should not be due to the environment or the electric load conditions of any changes, which leads to the phenomenon of power failure, so the product is in use play a critical role in the process of damage can better safeguard the service life of the whole line and run. Has become a very superior now the power equipment of a product. More than about 10 kv outdoor post insulator design good run very long life related information, to be here to share, through the above these information, for this product are more and more understand and know? If you have any confused question, can call the website hotline for more advice and understanding.

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