10 kv outdoor post insulator impact resistant performance is very good

by:Mings     2020-05-20

10 kv outdoor post insulator is one of our many electric power equipment, with the development of our electric power industry, electric power equipment is very important, the use of these electric equipment, because our life brings a lot of help, here are our small make up to you to do detailed introduction. Mention electricity we all should not strange, because in many parts of the us power is inseparable from the product, it brings us so many convenient, but also in our power to under the condition of normal use, also is cannot leave our post insulator. The types of insulator is also very much. 10 kv outdoor post insulator is one of them. Our company in the production of this product can have very advanced technology and perfect measures, so the quality of the products produced is very security, and it also has a very high resistance to bending performance. Torsional strength, shock resistance, as well as seismic performance and explosion proof performance. Through the experiment of post insulators in 10 kv outdoor hydrophobic index is high, and proved through the use of the user of post insulators in 10 kv outdoor anti-aging performance is also very high, not only that 10 kv outdoor post insulator also has the very good resistance to tracking and electrical erosion resistance. Because the weight of the 10 kv outdoor post insulator is relatively light, so also is very convenient installation and maintenance. The above is the related knowledge of 10 kv outdoor post insulator is introduced. The application of it in our electric power industry is very important, its use has brought great convenience for us. If you are interested in our products, you can call our hotline like us.

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