10 kv outdoor post insulator in power grid industry play a role

by:Mings     2020-05-20

10 kv outdoor post insulator it belongs to one of electrical appliances, mainly used in our power to work in a product, its small size, light weight, very convenient to install and also not easy to damage, in the power industry of us got very extensive application. Here are the small make up take us learn more knowledge. Electricity can normal work is inseparable from our electric equipment, electric equipment type is also very much, each product has unique characteristics, and the use of field is not the same. Today we introduce 10 kv outdoor post insulator is a very good product. It is mainly used in transformer substation, has the good hydrophobic tracking resistance, aging resistance, and electrical erosion resistance, high tensile strength and bending strength of its high mechanical strength, shock resistance, shock and brittle fracture prevention performance is good, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, the installation of the upper and lower end pillar porcelain insulator and the corresponding to the size of the installation of the same size, can be used interchangeably. 10 kv outdoor post insulator can effectively use the narrow corridor open pressure transmission, apply to the technical reform of city network, can reduce the tower height, can save a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources. The content of the above is our knowledge of 10 kv outdoor post insulator, which, as a kind of products, our company mainly produces the effect of use is very good, work for our electricity has brought the very big help. We are very widely used, we all can rest assured to buy.

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