10 kv overhead line high voltage insulator applications

by:Mings     2020-05-13
10 kv overhead line high voltage insulator used one of the main equipment, transmission lines, transmission lines with high voltage wires and earth wire of insulator and the corresponding hardware is dangling erect on the tower, the connection power plant and substation, in order to realize the transmission power for the purpose of power facilities. Mainly by the conductor and earth wire, insulator, hardware, tower and foundation, grounding device, etc. Conductor: its function mainly transmission power. Line wire should have good electrical conductivity, enough mechanical strength, resistance to vibration fatigue and resistance to chemical corrosion of impurities in the air. Line wire is often use steel core aluminum stranded wire or steel core aluminum stranded wire. In order to improve the transmission capacity of lines, reduce the corona, to reduce the interference with radio communications, often by each phase consisting of two or four wire splitting wire type. Earth wire, main effect is lightning protection. Shielding, because of the earth wire to wire and wire, lotus root cooperation between overhead ground wire, which can minimize the chance of lightning strike directly on the wire. When lightning tower, the lightning current part can through the earth wire, thereby reducing the top potential, improve the level of resistance to ray. Earth wire often use galvanized steel strand. Now often USES the steel core aluminum stranded wire, aluminium clad steel stranded wire such as good conductors, can reduce the asymmetric short circuit when the power frequency overvoltage, reduce the power flow. Using optical fiber composite overhead ground wire with communication overhead line commonly used wire type and symbols: the meaning of common wires for overhead line are bare wires and insulated wires. According to the structure of the wire can be divided into single strands, strand and tubular conductor. According to the wire using materials into copper wires, aluminum wires. Aluminium wire, aluminum wire, steel wire and so on. Send and distribution overhead power lines using multiple strands of bare wire, low-voltage distribution overhead line can use single strands of bare copper wire. Commonly used bare wire has the following kinds: 1 bare copper wire, TJ) Bare, 2 aluminum wire ( LJ) , 3 steel reinforced aluminium conductor ( LGJ,LGJQ,LGJJ) Aluminum alloy wire (4 HLJ) Five steel wire ( GJ) • The meaning of the conductor model of phonetic alphabet T - Copper wires J - Stranded wire L - Aluminum conductor G - Steel reinforced the Q - Light H - Composite insulator: is the wire insulation fixed and objects on the suspension in the tower. Common insulators for transmission lines are disc, disc glass insulator, porcelain insulator bar hanging composite insulator. ( 1) Disc: porcelain insulator domestic porcelain insulator, degradation rate is very high, need to detect the zero value, maintenance workload. Encountered lightning strike and flashing off string accident easily, has gradually be eliminated. ( 2) Disc: glass insulator has zero since the explosion, but since the rate is very low ( Is usually very few) 。 Maintenance without detection, toughened glass pieces of one thousand occurred after blasting is the residual mechanical strength of destroying more than 80% of the tensile, still can ensure the safe operation of lines. With lightning and flashing out series of accidents will not occur. In Ⅰ, Ⅱ area has been widely used. ( 3) Bar suspension insulator: antifouling flash good performance, light weight, high mechanical strength, the advantage such as less maintenance, and above the dirt at level Ⅲ area has been widely used 【 On a message: 10 kv overhead line infrastructure] 【 Next message: high voltage insulator running.
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