10 kv single core joint is introduced in the middle

by:Mings     2020-07-20
Products of single core, three core, has been widely used in 8. 7/15 kv cable terminal handling and intermediate links. 8. 7/15 kv heat shrinkable cable terminal suite and through joint for single core, 3 core, widely used in 8. Up to and including 7/15 kv voltage class crosslinking cable or oil-immersed cable terminal. Compared with traditional cable accessories, it has the advantages: small volume, light weight, safe and reliable, easy to install. Products comply with GB11033 standard, use for a long time for - temperature Scope of 55 ° C to 105 ° C, aging life can reach more than 20 years, four radial shrinkage rate 50% or higher, the longitudinal shrinkage rate & lt; 5% shrinkage temperature: 110 ° ℃ ~ 140 ° C. Type specification performance test project (1 min power frequency voltage test method test result Wet state) 54 kv no flashover, no breakdown of 54 kv, 1 min under wet condition combination breakdown partial discharge test sample not flashover and 20 kv to devolve power is greater than 20 PC B and C three-phase in 20 kv to devolve power to load cycling test conductor heating to 90-1 PC 95 ℃, each cycle of 8 h, 5 h of heating and cooling 3 h, three loops according to the standard requirements to complete three load cycle experiment impulse voltage 125 kv, 10 time in the positive and negative polarity and no flashover, no breakdown 125 kv positive and negative polarity 10 times each, combination sample not flashover and breakdown negative polarity dc voltage test 156 kv no flashover, no breakdown 156 kv, 15 min, combination sample not flashover and the breakdown 4 h power frequency voltage test 104 kv no flashover, no breakdown 104 kv, 4 h, composite samples without flash
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