15 kv single core crosslinking cold cable accessories head craft in the middle

by:Mings     2020-06-24

as an authoritative heat shrinkable cable accessories manufacturers, AnWei electric power company in this article for 15 kv single core crosslinking between cold cable accessories head craft makes a brief analysis for everyone, let's take a look at:

( 1) Straightening cable

will be cold straightening cable attachment, overlapping ends 200 - After confirmed joint center, 300 mm in the center of sawing.

( 2) Cutting outer sheath

peel except sheath, pay attention to clean the 42 mm incision place inside the cable outer sheath.

( 3) Cutting copper shield

keep the outer sheath incision within 90 mm of copper shield, the rest of the strip. Pay attention to the incision should be flush, there shall not be sharp corners.

( 4) Cutting outer semiconductive layer

keep copper shield incision less than 50 mm outer semiconductive layer, the rest of the strip. Pay attention to the incision should be flush, leaving no remnants ( Use detergent to clean insulating layer surface) , do not hurt the main insulation layer.

( 5) Cutting the main insulation layer

by size ( 1/2 over long + 5 mm) , stripping the insulation. Pay attention to conducting wire core shall not be hurt.

( 6) Winding and semi-conducting belt

half fold around Scotch13 conductive adhesive layer (2 A round trip) 。 Start from the copper shield take 40 mm, to 10 mm outer semiconductive layer. Note winding and port should be very smooth, round the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

( 7) Clean surface insulation

use detergent to clean surface of cable insulation. If the main insulation layer surface has scratches, pits, or semiconductor, 120 available the following non-conductive alumina sand paper polishing processing. Do not make cleaner encounter outer semiconductive layer, grinding after insulation outside diameter shall not be less than a joint selection range.

( 8) Set of people pipe

after being insulated surface drying, respectively set of cold type ( Expanding) Head and copper shielding net in the middle. Notice shall not be missed.

( 9) Pressure after taking over

will heat shrinkable cable accessories are pressure followed over, 2 on both ends of the pressure. The cutting edges, burrs, attention should be removed after pressure to thousand net and cleaning.

( 10) Daub mixture

apply P55 / R mixture to the semiconductor layer and the main insulation junction, then put the rest of the coating evenly in the main insulation surface. Only use P55 mixture, cannot use silicon grease.

( 11) Determine the checkpoint

measuring insulation between ports dimension c, 1/2 c on the takeover by size to determine the actual center point D, then the volume from point D to the cable copper shield with 300 mm to determine a checkpoint E.

( 12) Determine the anchor point

on the semiconduction shielding layer distance shield port X made a tag, PVC tape for contraction joint anchor point here.

( 13) Install cold tube

will shrink cable accessories ( Expanding) Joint position mark, take core wire counterclockwise, shrink joint fixed. Within 5 min after joint completely contraction, check the cold cable accessories at the center of the mark in the middle joint main body to the check point E if the distance is 300 mm, if there are any deviation, twitch around joints to adjust as soon as possible. Pay attention to because of the cold joint precast structure for whole, center location should be accurate.

( 14) Installation shielding copper network

along the direction of the joint stretch tighten copper network, to make it close to in the middle of the cold pipe to heat shrinkable cable accessories connector on both ends of the copper shield, fixed with PVC tape three middle place, and then with a constant force spring shielded copper net fixed on the copper shield at the ends of the cable joint, 10 mm out of retained constant force spring shielded copper network, the total removal. Note should deal with flat on both ends of the copper mesh, there should be no sharp corners, burrs.

( 15) Around the bag filling adhesive tape

in a constant force spring and cable sheath end Scotch23 tape around the package 2 layer. Pay attention to around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

( 16) Winding and waterproof with

around the entire halved joint Scotch2228 waterproof tape do waterproof protection, and ends with the sheath lap 60 mm. Pay attention to around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

( 17) Around the packaging a belt

half overlapping in the whole tapping Armorcast armored belt ( Is a kind of soft glass fiber tape, can form a strong lasting within 20 min sheath) Mechanical protection and cover all waterproof tape. Pay attention to around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

cold cable accessories is the use of elastomer materials ( Commonly used with silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber) Injection of vulcanization molding in the factory, then through hole enlargement, lined with plastic screw support constitute parts of various kinds of cable accessories. It must be noted that, before installation on the cable, the prefabricated parts is no tension of cable accessories, cable accessories and cold contraction is under a state of high tension, so in the period of storage, must ensure that the cold contraction type should be no obvious permanent deformation of the parts or elastic stress relaxation, or installed on the cable after can't guarantee enough elastic clamping force, thus can guarantee good interface characteristic.

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