15 kv single core crosslinking cold terminal head craft cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-06-27

15 kv single core crosslinking cable cold terminal head craft have? For this problem, as an authoritative cold cable accessories manufacturers, AnWei electric power company of small make up in this article is to introduce to you, hope to be of help.

1。 Cutting copper shield

according to keep within the outer sheath incision 45 mm copper shield, the rest of the strip. Pay attention to the incision should be flush, there shall not be sharp corners.

2。 Cutting outer semiconductive layer

on hold copper shield incision less than 6 mm outer semiconductive layer, the rest of the strip. Pay attention to the incision should be flush, leaving no remnants ( Use detergent to clean insulating layer surface) , do not hurt the main insulation layer.

3。 Clean surface insulation

use detergent to clean the cold insulation surface cable accessories. If the main insulation layer surface has scratches, pits, or semiconductor, 120 available the following non-conductive alumina sand paper polishing processing. Do not make cleaner encounter outer semiconductive layer, grinding after insulation outside diameter shall not be less than a joint selection range.

4。 Winding and semi-conducting belt

half fold around Scotchl3 conductive adhesive layer (2 A round trip) From the copper shield starting with 20 mm, round to 15 mm for the main insulation layer. Pay attention to around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

5。 Installation of ground wire

the edge of the outer sheath incision, surrounded by the grounding copper hoop on the copper shield, or with a constant force spring ground wire is fixed on the copper shield. Pay attention to the constant force spring winding direction should be along the direction of the copper cable shielding zone. There shall be no sharp corners, burrs ground wire.

6。 Waterproof processing

in the sheath incision under 5 mm, with waterproof tape do waterproof processing. Attention should be on the ground line, under a layer of waterproof adhesive tape around the package.

7。 Winding and PVC belt

with PVC belt the constant force spring and waterproof adhesive tape to cover, and 100 mm under the semiconductive belt, winding and the terminal positioning datum mark cold cable accessories. Attention around the cladding surface should be continuous, smooth and logo position accurately.

8。 Apply silicone

it under the semi conductive band and insulating layer and the insulating layer surface coated silicon grease. Attention should be evenly daub, shall not be missed.

9。 Install cold cable accessories terminal

on cold ( Expanding) Terminal ( No umbrella skirt indoor terminal) , locate in identification with place, take core wire counterclockwise, shrink terminals fixed. Note that location must be in that spot.

10。 Crimping terminal

mount terminal blocks, symmetry, pressure to press each terminal 2. The cutting edges, burrs, attention should be removed after pressure and clean.

11。 Surrounding the insulation tape

with Scotch23 first insulating tape fill the gap between terminals and insulation, then half overlapping Scotch70 insulating layer 2, start with 25 mm from the terminal, around to the terminal. Note should be tried to stretch insulation tape around the package, around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

cold cable accessories before installing without heating, relieving the heat of trouble and may cause a fire hazard. Because of the cold cable accessories products with the above characteristics, so can be applied to mining and other flammable and explosive place. The cold cable accessories is the use of elastomer materials ( Commonly used with silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber) Injection of vulcanization molding in the factory, then through hole enlargement, lined with plastic screw support constitute parts of various kinds of cable accessories.

cold cable accessories products installed at the scene, the pre expansion woolly, in after processing, the end of the cable or tapping out internal support article plastic screw ( Support) The pressure on the cable. Because it is in the room temperature by elastic retraction force, therefore, commonly known as the cold cable accessories. AnWei electric company production for you from the cold cable accessories products, welcome to widely use.

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