35 kv and below the classification of medium voltage cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-19
Classification of medium voltage cable accessory now 35 kv and below, in accordance with the main insulation molding technology, commonly used up to and including 35 kv cable terminal and the center joint first can be divided into round package type, heat shrinkable type, cold type and prefabricated type four common commodity type. In addition to used in specific commodity scope of casting type and separated type cable accessories products. 1 winding and cable accessories is refers to the insulation winding and cable accessories and shielding are using strip winding and cable accessories, selection of the stress control method of the stress cone or stress control with high dielectric constant, higher technical level request for construction personnel, construction technology is mixed and disorderly, has gradually been screening at the scene. 2 use heat shrinkable cable accessories polymer with the principle of 'elastic memory effect, announced that all kinds of heat shrink tubing, branch heat shorten fabrication, such as the rain skirt and so on, according to the program is installed, in through the handling of cable end or tapping on the heating, can make its shorten the hoops in the required position. Heat shrinkable cable accessories technology is simple and cheap, easy to protect. But there are also in the environmental temperature change its inevitable because 'breathing effect caused by the use of the shortened lifespan such questions, and then affect the power supply reliable sex. 3 cold cable accessories project using cold tube and other cold now shorten fabrication, silicone rubber or epdm as the primary raw material, after special formula of pre expansion on the spiral support core and device use, without any external heat source, as long as open support core is shortened, and tight on the required position.
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