35 kv crosslinked heat shrinkable three core cable terminal head craft

by:Mings     2020-06-29

small make up today to say with you cable accessories of high and low price, the price of cable accessories mainly based on several aspects to determine, that is exactly what respect? Below small make up for a chat with everybody cable accessories price related to which a few respects.

about cable attached parts price, first of all from China industry information network of '2014 - In 2019 China's wire and cable accessories industry competition pattern and the future prospect of the research report chapter fourteen. Introduces the electric wire electric cable accessories industry overview, China's wire and cable accessories industry operating environment, the paper analyzes the current situation of China's wire and cable accessories industry, China's wire and cable accessories industry competition pattern, for China's wire and cable accessories industry key enterprises operating performance analysis and prospect of the development of Chinese wire and cable accessories industry and investment forecast. If you want to understanding of wire and cable accessories industry have a system or want to invest in wire and cable accessories industry, this report is an indispensable important tool for you. Through this report production companies and investment institutions will fully understand the product, raw material supply, sales, market supply and demand, effective customers and potential customers and other detailed information, for the research of competitors, market positioning, product features, product pricing, marketing model, sales network and enterprise development provides a scientific decision-making basis.

this study mainly USES the national statistical data, the General Administration of Customs, the questionnaire survey data, the Ministry of Commerce to collect data such as database. Of macroeconomic data mainly comes from the National Bureau of Statistics, some industry mainly comes from the National Bureau of Statistics statistical data and market research data, corporate data mainly comes from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) statistics database and large scale enterprise stock exchanges, such as price data mainly comes from all kinds of market monitoring database.

second from cable accessories for high and low voltage, cable accessories with its voltage is proportional to the price and other factors in the same circumstances, the higher the voltage grade, the higher the price.

the second was to say to the types of cable accessories, cable accessories are divided into heat shrinkable cable accessories and cold cable accessories, overall cold cable attachment is heat shrinkable cable accessories price on the high side, inside the heat shrinkable cable accessories is divided into hot shrinkage between terminal and thermal shrinkage, and terminal and compared among other factors in the same situation in the middle of the price is high in comparison with the terminal, the cold cable accessories, of course, is also one of the specifications.

there is the specifications of the cable accessories, are generally the higher the price, the greater the specification of this rule is hot and cold are applicable.

like small make up said after everyone understands and cable accessories is the price of the? Hope to be of help!

due to the installation of cable accessories without hot heat, so to eliminate the hidden danger of fire. Cable accessories will stress cone, outer insulation protection tube and umbrella skirt one, USES the constant force spring, after extracting core plastic article support the natural shrinkage. The series of products for small space requirement, construction installation speed is faster. Currently, AnWei electric company production of cold shrink cable accessories, heat shrinkable cable accessories have reached the international advanced level.

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