35 kv single core crosslinking cold cable terminal head craft

by:Mings     2020-06-27

along with the rapid advancement of the technology of power cable accessories, plus the craft that make news fast mature, 35 kv single core crosslinking cold cable terminal head have been widely used, so the 35 kv single core crosslinking cold cable terminal head what is the process? Follow AnWei power company below small make up to look at:

( 1) Cutting outer sheath

according to the size of A + B, peel except sheath. Pay attention to clean cut of 50 mm cable outer sheath.

( 2) Cutting copper shield

by size, keep within the outer sheath incision 35 mm copper shield, the rest of the strip. Note to prevent copper shield with loose, temporary fixed available PVC tape. The incision should be flush, there shall not be sharp corners.

( 3) Cutting outer semiconductive layer

by size, retained copper shield incision less than 40 mm outer semiconductive layer, the rest of the strip. Pay attention to the incision should be flush, leaving no remnants ( Use detergent to clean insulating layer surface) , do not hurt the main insulation layer.

( 4) Cutting the main insulation layer

by size B, stripping the insulation layer. Pay attention to conducting wire core shall not be hurt.

( 5) The first layer of waterproof processing

6 mm under the sheath incision, made a waterproof waterproof adhesive tape. Pay attention to around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

( 6) Determine shrinkage benchmark

from heat shrinkable cable accessories semi-conducting layer end downward measuring 115 mm, made a obvious mark, PVC tape here for the contraction of the cold insulation pipe benchmark. Pay attention to the position of logo must be accurate.

( 7) Installation of ground wire

the edge of the outer sheath incision, the grounding line with constant force spring is fixed on the copper shield. Should pay attention to the constant force spring coil direction along the direction of the copper cable shielding zone, there shall be no sharp corners, burrs ground wire.

( 8) The second floor waterproof processing

under the cold attachment cable outer sheath incision on the first floor of waterproof adhesive tape, waterproof adhesive tape around the pack 2 layer again, the earth clamp in the middle. Note that two waterproof adhesive tape around the package must be overlap, around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

( 9) Winding and PVC belt

half overlapping PVC tape will copper shield, constant force spring and waterproof adhesive tape cover. Note it is forbidden to cover the outer semiconductive layer around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

( 10) Crimping terminal

mount terminal blocks, symmetry, pressure to press each terminal 2. When the width of the terminal is greater than the inner diameter of the cold end, the first set of terminal ( Don't have to) And then crimping terminal. The cutting edges, burrs, attention should be removed after pressure and clean.

( 11) Around the package tape

when the outer diameter of the terminal is smaller than table 3 - 29 Min, the cable insulation outside diameter selection scope of should be provided on the terminals around the package with tape, until its outer diameter selection scope.

( 12) Clean surface insulation

use detergent to clean surface of cable insulation. If the main insulation layer surface has scratches, pits, or semiconductor, 120 available the following non-conductive alumina sand paper polishing processing. Do not make cleaner encounter outer semiconducting layers, it is forbidden to grind the semiconductive layer, grinding after insulation outside diameter shall not be less than a joint selection range.

( 13) Install the cold end

on cold ( Expanding) Terminal. Positioned to identify with, counterclockwise smoke core wire. Shrink terminals fixed. Note don't forward contraction cold terminals, lest inward folding; Location must be in that spot, usable hand is in the terminal on the contraction after, to speed up its retraction.

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