5 kv and below power production raw material classification system accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-16

5 kv and below power series accessories made of raw materials according to the attachment classification is as follows:

1. Prefabricated type accessories

application of ethylene propylene rubber, epdm rubber or silicone rubber materials, in the factory after casting, extrusion, molding, or after vulcanization process of parts, attachments are assembled at the scene.

2。 Heat shrinkable type accessories

the application of polymer finishing processing into insulation pipe, stress, branch components, such as gloves and umbrella skirt at the scene after the assembly, heating, tight on the cable insulation wire core in the attachment.

3。 Cold type accessories

application of ethylene propylene rubber, epdm rubber or silicone rubber molding processing, after expansion with spiral nylon or the overall frame, smoke when installation to support nylon or overall skeleton, insulating tube by the rubber tight shrinkage characteristics on the cable core in the attachment.

cable accessories include material is as follows:

(1) : as for the cold in the household, outdoor, intermediate links, with different specifications ( Advocate material, auxiliary material) Is slightly different:

(2) : all kinds of form a complete set of accessories are also have different manufacturer production. Generally contain a few samples.

1, advocate material: cold terminal ( Indoor and outdoor) , protect casing, insulation pipe, seal, three finger, intermediate connecting pipe

2, auxiliary materials: semi conductive tape, PVC tape, filling/sealing glue, woven ground, constant force spring, establishment of copper net, work gloves, silicone grease, clean paper armoured, waterproof compound, and so on small parts ( Used different type and specification and auxiliary materials are not the same as)

ok, that's up to and including 5 kv electricity system accessories made of all introduced the raw material classification, according to the attachment cable accessories is a indispensable part of the cable line, there is no attachment cable is unable to work. To complete the task of transmission is composed of cables and accessories cable line as a whole. Can say is a continuation of cable function cable accessories. The requirements for the cable of the ontology, such as the conductor cross section and surface characteristics, semiconductive layer and metal shielding layer and insulating layer and protective layer requirement also applies to the parts of cable accessories, especially the middle joint, the various parts of the middle joint deal with all the parts should be in cable.

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