A brief coarse resolution power cable fault distance

by:Mings     2020-07-17

cable accessories manufacturers of small make up in this paper will give you the power cable fault distance is a brief introduction of coarse resolution, hope this article on the same focus on hot and cold shrink cable accessories industry help you!

coarse ( Preliminary sure) Cable fault point distance, cable fault is ruled out a very important step. A coarse, is to measure the approximate distance on fault point to either of the cable. Coarse is fault before tip point is determined. No matter how high the resolution of the cable tester, read out the fault point distance represents only from the cable testing cable length to the point of failure. Due to the buried cable path can't be a straight line, and each one end and middle inevitably exist reserved length, so that is out of order after repair. So the cable meter reading impossible and ground fault distance metric distance is the same, sometimes tens of meters is also reasonable. Cable meter reading only as a important reference in the case of fixed point accurately.

in recent years, domestic and foreign attaches great importance to the development of electric power cable fault detection technology research. Early approach is to make high resistance fault after burning through low resistance fault, then use a bridge or low voltage pulse reflection method for coarse. Because using this method to 'burn' is a waste of time, manpower and electric power, and require a lot of equipment, has now developed to withstand the impact of high voltage flashover method, second pulse method and advanced testing technology such as intelligent high voltage bridge method. So, detection of power cable fault, now no longer high impedance fault 'burn-out', but directly on fault cable fault phase dc high voltage, high pressure or shock make fault point ionization lightning collaterals. Then shem collaterals from reflection wave coarse measure the position of the point of failure.

coarse method actually can be summarized as two classes, namely classical method ( Such as bridge, etc. ) And modern method ( Such as flashover method, etc. ) 。 Compared with the classical method, modern law has not need accurate data on the cable ( Such as cable length, cross section, joint number, etc. ) , measuring speed ( Don't need to 'burn') Wait for an advantage.

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