A common problem summary cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-06-27
1, the size of the cable split phase standard is how much? In principle we require the length of cable split phase 1 again. 2 m - 1。 Between 5 m. But according to the specific treatment. Suggestion: bus type for cable branch box split phase length not less than 1. 2m。 Ring network cabinet in the box casing for circuit breaker are arranged and longitudinal oblique, split phase should be C phase as a benchmark to determine the length of each phase. 2, why after the split phase in the copper shield end tape winding copper shield? This is done to prevent scattered copper shield. In order to ensure the cable head under the cable again after the installation to keep its original characteristics, heat shrinkage ( Cold) Shrink sleeve when copper shield should be intact shrinkage in it. If the copper shield scattered, to restore it, and try to keep the existing relevant degrees. 3, what is the function of a copper shield? Under normal circumstances, it through the capacitive current, have the effect of shielding electric field at the same time. If you don't keep copper shield as required, will not be able to have the effect of shielding electric field, brings hidden trouble. 4, all strip conductive layer what consequence can you produce? Cable, the scene has often been according to the practice of conventional semi-conducting layer above the trigeminal gloves all stripped, this is dangerous. Because in the electric transmission, branch gloves cable between stress and stress cone surface produces induction. In this case, if you follow the right way to install the American cable grounding line of the head, a long time after the operation, this cable will produce induction docking ground discharge, severe burns heat shrinkable casing even when discharge burned. Therefore, must be strictly according to the size of craft retain semi-conducting layer. See question 29. 5, rough manufacturing process, what consequence can you produce? In the process of construction, if do not pay attention to details, will bring many security hidden danger to the safe operation of equipment. Such as: stripping cable copper shield and semi-conducting layer, or uneven force is too big, will hurt semi-conducting layer or main insulation; Scratches on the main insulation treatment or not. Can reduce creepage distance, serious when easy to cause equipment burned and even explode. 6, the installed or installed does not match the stress cone will cause what consequences? Stress cone upside will cause internal insulation distance is smaller, T ontology semi-conducting layer lap, not destroy the whole block. If the installation does not match the stress cone, can make the stress cone to reduce the effect of eliminating stress, uniform electric field, causing the electric field stress excessive concentration, prone to partial discharge, cause breakdown. See question 7 processing method. 7, forget to install the stress cone should be how to deal with? Crimping terminal reinstall is cut off, in principle, under special circumstances in the daub on the inner surface of the stress cone and terminal silicon grease, and install the stress cone in, if the terminal is smooth, it is forbidden to have burrs. This way is forced to use, generally in the case of time allows, should try to redo. 8, crimping terminal why rotated ninety degrees, from the top downward? If they remain in one direction, pressure can make the crimping terminal section becomes flat, flow area is smaller, rotating the purpose is to make cross-sectional area as large as possible. From the top down is to ensure that the terminal internal appear no gaps, terminal extension downward, the overall size will not change. 9, install T ontology and the matters needing attention of stress cone and standard is what? When installing the stress cone should use tape around the end of the cable conductor, avoid stress cone inner surface scratches. Push down the stress cone is the highest of revealing the main insulation can, then semi-conducting layer should be at the end of the stress cone and cable semi-conducting layer and reliable lap. Installing a T ontology, one hand hold the lower end of the stress cone ( Don't applying pressure up or down) , another hand push down T ontology, ontology can be pushed to terminal to T, the stress cone should be about 3 mm dew outside the T ontology, the conductive layer and T of the ontology and the conductive layer has reliable lap. 10, crimping terminal direction can cause what consequence? Cable is installed on the device, the terminal pressure and casing contact area should be close contact. If the terminal direction, the contact area with the casing will have clearance, even surface contact into line contact, make contact resistance, long time operation will be overheating or even burning equipment.
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