A how to install for harmonic elimination and the matters needing attention

by:Mings     2020-05-23
In recent days, many customers in the installation of a harmonic elimination device, there are many questions, electrical technicians to tell you how to install for a harmonic elimination and the matters needing attention. LXQ a harmonic elimination device installation: a harmonic elimination device installed in the pressure change between neutral and ground, the bottom fixed ground, top the neutral point. If installed in the pressure change ark, a harmonic elimination device ontology and grounding body distance Suggestions around 2 cm or more. The upper harmonic elimination and the pressure change neutral connected by insulated wires. A harmonic elimination concatenated in ac 6 ~ 35 kv effective grounding system PT is a winding between neutral and ground, in a system with many sets of voltage transformer. Wire must have certain mechanical strength, it is recommended that the conductor cross section is not less than 10 square meters. A harmonic elimination device both positive and negative polarity, generally installed vertically, also can be installed level. A harmonic elimination device is installed in a 6-35 kv voltage transformer winding Y0 connection between neutral and to a nonlinear resistance harmonic elimination damping device. A harmonic elimination device can eliminate or damping caused by nonlinear excitation characteristics of ferroresonance overvoltage, this kind of resonance overvoltage will lead to an unstable system phase voltage; Can effectively restrain the grounded through the arc pressure change of winding current, prevent pressure get burned; Restriction system of single-phase grounding disappears in a winding currents generated by the bending, this kind of flow can be damaged by pressure changed or make the pressure blown fuse; When the single-phase grounding system can be larger time protect the pressure change from damage. Using a harmonic elimination editor note: 1) If the pressure changes at the ends of the open delta voltage less than 0. 3 v, please check whether the openings on both ends of the triangle is short circuit. Such did not reflect during the normal operation of power grid short-circuit fault, but the single-phase grounding grid time slightly long will three-phase pressure get burned. Such failure is not a resonance, a harmonic elimination device cannot prevent LXQ. Due to such failures are not reflected during normal operation, great capacity are neglected, have occurred in recent years. 2) If the pressure changes at the ends of the open delta voltage from zero. 3 - Between 3 v, a likely windings to the harmonic elimination of resistor is short circuit. Please check the connection of the primary winding. Appear this kind of circumstance is: harmonic elimination after resistor access, neutral and ground pressure change a winding grounding line between not solved. 3) If the pressure changes at the ends of the open delta voltage is greater than 3 v a lot, please use multimeter measuring frequency measurement at the ends of the open delta voltage. If the voltage frequency is 50 hz, caused by three-phase voltage variable volt-ampere characteristic difference is too large; Elimination method is: choose three basic volt-ampere characteristics consistent pressure changes a set of use. More is the voltage frequency is 150 hz, this is due to compression of the exciting current three times caused by harmonic current is too large. When the harmonic current is too large, can also cause the three-phase voltage unbalance and increase system harmonic content, elimination method is: the installation of harmonic elimination device. Secondary harmonic elimination device different from a harmonic elimination device, is a harmonic elimination device, with the advantages of the analysis, recording, print, upload, apply to 0. 38 kv ~ 66 kv neutral point grounding power system; Without setting and debugging, boot automatically after enter the running state, small amount of maintenance. Automatic display and record the ferromagnetic resonance occurred and related parameters ( Resonance frequency and amplitude) No lose when power supply, and the fault information is stored away. Should each three-phase high voltage winding of transformer neutral point a harmonic elimination device, can effectively and eliminate ferroresonance limit over-voltage of arc light earthing.
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