About the use of electrical hardware testing machine is introduced

by:Mings     2020-05-13
Electrical hardware tensile testing machine is specially detection fittings instrument testing equipment, with the consumption of electric power demand strict quality control, it needs a professional instrument to stop testing, tensile testing machine can form a complete set of different jig to test all kinds of mechanical properties, tensile strength, bending strength, contraction strength, elastic modulus, breaking elongation, bending strength parameters. Such as mechanical performance experiment and analysis. According to the function and structure can be divided into the suspension clamp, strain clamp, UT clamp, connecting hardware, continue to hardware, hardware maintenance, equipment clamp, T clamp, bus hardware, such as pull hardware category. According to use can be used for the line hardware and substation hardware. According to the power unit is divided into hardware products malleable cast iron, forging, aluminum, copper aluminum and cast iron, a total of four units. Also can be divided into the national standard and national standard to send wire commonly used iron or aluminum metal accessories, referred to as hardware. Is a great variety of hardware. Use different, for example, various devices for conductor wire clip, composition of insulator string hanging ring, connecting wires of various pressure receiving, tube, completing the unity on the wire rod type each type of distance, in addition to with the tower with all kinds of wire, and used as a maintenance related to the size of the wire, must cooperate with each other.
are an important part of the society and they come in handy in any place where there are power distribution solutions in need of power distribution solutions.
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