Advantages and disadvantages of composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-12
Composite insulator is made of organic silicone rubber composite material of high voltage insulator. The main products are great and cross arm, 35 kv, 110 kv and 220 kv lines as a trailer and tension bearing insulation. At present there are used for 10 kv line insulator products. Approximate suspension insulator, composite insulator shape structure with end fittings, insulation umbrella corrugated, sheath and unique set of mandrel. It has the following advantages: ( 1) Superior mechanical properties: as the mandrel made of epoxy glass fiber, its expansion intensity of ordinary steel 1. 5 times, 3 ~ 4 times that of high-strength porcelain, particularly strong axial tension, and has strong ability of vibration absorption, high earthquake damping performance, 1/7 ~ 1/10 for porcelain insulator. ( 2) Anti pollution flashover performance is good: composite insulator have hydrophobic, when it rains on the umbrella corrugated surface of composite insulator not wet water film formation, but a drip drip, not easy to form the conductive channel, the fouling lightning pressure is higher, for three times with porcelain insulator voltage level. ( 3) Excellent electrical erosion resistance: insulator surface leakage lightning complex formed by phenomenon of irreversible deterioration, general standard is not less than 4. Level 5 ( 4. 5kV) , and composite insulator is 6 ~ 7 magnitude. ( 4) Good anti-aging performance: after ten years of practice tests show that the composite insulator in addition to a slightly darker color and dielectric constant and dielectric loss Angle increases slightly, the surface is wet and electric erosion resistant up mark no change, anti-aging performance is good. ( 5) Structure stability: general porcelain suspension insulator is the glue assembly structure, due to galvanic corrosion, can produce a low in the operation of the zero value of insulation resistance, and composite insulator for glue assembly structure, its heart is solid bar insulation materials, there is no degradation converging attack, won't appear zero insulator. ( 6) Line running with high efficiency: due to the storm of the composite insulator has good self-cleaning, and does not produce zero insulator, thus cleaning the inspection work can change every 4 ~ 5 years, so as to shorten the maintenance, the power outage time. ( 7) Light weight: it contains its light weight into insulator in transportation, construction, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. But in two things, there are also some disadvantages: (composite insulator 1) Composite insulator price is high. ( 2) Composite insulator under radial ( Perpendicular to the centerline) Stress is small, therefore, used in tension rod of high voltage insulator prohibit trample, or any form of radial load, otherwise will lead to broken. ( 3) Composite insulator in construction or runtime forbidden hard fall, scratches at ordinary times, because of its umbrella for silicone rubber, texture is soft, easy to damage and destroy sealing, led to the decrease of the insulation performance. 【 On a message: composite insulator external insulation design methods 】 【 The next message: test method of composite insulator, composite insulator trial 】
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