Advantages of glass insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-06
Glass insulator in production and operation of the first few years, you'll find it than porcelain insulator has the following advantages: due to the high mechanical strength of glass insulator surface, the surface is not easy to crack. Glass dielectric strength generally remain unchanged during the whole operation, and the aging process is much more slowly than porcelain, so the glass insulator is mainly due to the damaged and destroyed, in the first years running, but the defects of porcelain insulator only after running a few years to find. USES glass insulator, can cancel the operation process of insulator of charged periodic preventive test. This is because the toughened glass each damage will cause the destruction of the insulator, operators during the time of patrol is easy to find it. When the breakdown, iron cap and steel foot near the glass pieces stuck, insulator the rest of the mechanical strength enough to prevent the insulator string is broken off. Used in the manufacture of glass insulator material, in terms of its ingredients, more stable than raw material for its manufacture electrical porcelain, to stabilize the electrical characteristics and mechanical properties of glass has created good conditions. Due to the transparency of glass, easy to find tiny cracks when appearance inspection and all kinds of internal defects and damage. The mechanical and electrical properties of toughened glass is much higher than China, produce the same type of insulator, and its size and weight is much smaller than porcelain insulator.
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