American cable joint and European cable joint strength

by:Mings     2020-07-20
Europe type cable branch box is widely used in recent years in power distribution network system cable engineering equipment, its main characteristic is two-way open, use wear casing wall as a connecting bus, has a small length, cable arrangement, clear, three core cable does not need large span cross and other significant advantages. The cable joint DIN47636 standards adopted by the. Generally USES the rated current 630 a bolted connection type cable connector. American cable branch box is a kind of power distribution network system is widely used in North America in cable engineering equipment, it opened the door to one-way, transverse multipass busbar as the main characteristics, combined with width is small, flexible, fully insulated, whole sealing etc. According to the rated current in general can be divided into the main loop of the 600 a and 200 a branch circuit of two kinds. 600 a main circuit adopts the screw-plug bolted connection; 200 a branch circuit adopts pull plug type connection, and can take the load pull plug. American cable branch box used by cable joint is in line with the IEEE 386 standard. Electric power equipment co. , LTD. The main products are cable branch box, shrinkage cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories, ring network cabinet, gas cabinets, cable joint, etc. , is a collection of science and technology research and development, production and manufacturing, product sales for the integration of electric power equipment co. , LTD.
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