AnWei power companies make smart grid to illuminate the future

by:Mings     2020-06-30

is well known, we Chinese have long carried out exploration work in the development of smart grid. It is based on the integration, high-speed bidirectional communication network, on the basis of through the use of advanced sensor and measuring technology, advanced equipment technology, the advanced control method, and the application of advanced technology of decision support system, realize the grid reliability, security, economic, efficient, environmental friendly and use the security target, its main features include self-healing, motivation and include user, resist attacks, meet the 21st century.

according to the planning, in 2016 the first batch of project investment of about 8 provincial capital distribution network. 1. 6 billion yuan, of which hefei city ( Including the chaohu lake) At about 2. Of the province with a total investment of 54. 7 billion yuan, about 31. 2%.

at present, the hefei 2015 new city is to promote the construction of distribution network project, is expected to complete by the end of June, will effectively play its important role in the summer peaks. Plus the full launch of construction project in 2016, the year of the hefei city area distribution network construction project both in quantity and the money will be the year in the history of the larger project.

this round of hefei distribution network construction project will combine old village transformation, through new and expansion of urban substation, lines and distribution series of open and close the project and further effectively adjust power supply area, strengthening the grid structure, focus on urban single power supply area and the area of the 'low voltage' and so on. Through construction will meet in hefei area fast new load demand, escort, regional economic development, enhance the hefei area power supply security and reliability.

a safe and reliable ascension grid operation level

power are the engine of industry development. To ensure the safety of the transmission channel of transmission lines with external force damage intelligence in smart grid project control platform, will be within 3 - during the day 5 km range line ontology and channels to monitor environmental changes, and the night 500 metres of infrared night vision surveillance, so as to realize the hidden danger point omnidirectional all-weather monitoring. With important hidden danger point and threaten the security of a line construction work, by intelligent tracking, remote voice answers, timely remind construction machinery away from power lines, strive to build the new city construction strong reliable power engine. Even sudden distribution network fault, the new center also can quickly locate the repair service fast response and accurate fault isolation, enable the spare line to restore power, at the same time repair instructions. QiangXiuYuan quickly after receiving instructions to repair points, the entire process effective coordination, can reduce failure outage time 10% directly 30%.

'twelfth five-year' grid investment focus on key projects, the realization of power distribution and use of intelligence and effectiveness, cooperate with construction of new energy and long distance transportation. And distribution automation will be the top priority, in the next decade the smart grid will power equipment industry is the main driving factor.

believe AnWei electric power company in the near future to the smart grid to illuminate the future, let's stay tuned!

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