Bar type suspension characteristics of composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-03
Bar hanging composite insulator product features: < P> ( 1) High strength, light weight. The strength of the composite insulator weight ratio is very high, the specific strength is very high. Its high mechanical strength comes from glass steel reinforced bar excellent mechanical properties, the glass fiber reinforced plastic in use by a large number of led the tensile strength of the pull rod can reach more than 1000 mpa and the mandrel is only about 2 g/cm3 density, so its strength is very high, which is about 5 ~ 10 times of quality carbon steel. Under the same voltage grade, the weight of the composite insulator only 1/7 ~ 1/10 for porcelain insulator. < / P> < P> ( 2) Wet flashing lightning pressure is high. Low energy on the surface of hydrophobic organic composite material is the main reason for the composite insulator is excellent wet dirt resistance. In fog, rain and dew, snow melt, melting ice, bad weather conditions, the separation of composite insulator surface water rather than a continuous film of water, fouling layer conductivity is very low, so the leakage current is very small, not easy to happen strong local electric arc, partial arc also further development lead to hard outer insulation flashover. After running for a period of time, the composite insulator surface pollution, hydrophobic can migrate to the fouling layer on the surface of the unique characteristic of silicone rubber material, under the same filthy degree, its dirty lightning pressure can achieve the same insulator leakage distance of more than two times. < / P> < P> ordinary bar hanging the equivalent diameter of the composite insulator is much less than normal hanging pillar insulator, porcelain insulator and it is also important reason for its excellent pollution resistant. In adverse conditions, the hydrophobic may due to stress and a fall in the influence of the environment, such as electric, or lose, but its equivalent diameter not become coarse, so dirty lightning pressure will remain high. ( 3) Operation maintenance is convenient. Organic external insulation excellent fouling resistance to improve the reliability of power system operation, in polluted areas need not like porcelain and glass insulator regular cleaning, there is no ordinary hanging porcelain insulator zero detection problem, greatly reduces the filthiness of insulator in running maintenance costs. < / P> < P> ( 4) Not easily broken, to prevent an accident. Composite insulator impact resistance ability, greatly reducing the damage caused by the accident in the process of installation,, and can effectively prevent the destruction of human factors such as shootings. < / P>
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