Between the three factors affecting the reliability of the insulator Product structure of the insulator, insulator pollution resistance is the key

by:Mings     2020-05-05
The three major factors effecting the reliability of insulator ( 1) Material is the foundation of glass and porcelain, aluminum silicate porcelain is three-phase ( Crystal phase and glass phase and gas phase) Coexistence of uneven plasmids, and is a liquid glass and glass are reversible homogenate. “ Homogeneity & throughout; Are the important factors that affect insulation dielectric strength. Mechanical strength and thermal stability of the brittle material, not completely depends on the material mechanical properties, the materials greatly depends on the internal defects and surface state. This is toughened glass than annealed glass and porcelain, glazed porcelain less glazed porcelain strength is much higher. In addition, the glass & other; Hot tempered & throughout; Technology, which gives a of glass surface is as high as 100 ~ 250 mpa * * prestressed. This is & other; Toughened glass & throughout; A high strength steel, thermal stability, porcelain is not easy to aging and life long. For the difficulties of composite insulator is organic material under the condition of aging in the outdoor, the brittle fracture of mandrel and creep. Visible, toughened glass is a porcelain has a much higher mechanical, dielectric strength, and a organic material has excellent anti-aging performance, laid a good foundation for the reliable operation of the insulator. ( 2) Product structure and is the key of glass insulator pollution resistant structure of cylinder head, to receive strength evenly in bearing components. Compared with traditional porcelain insulator domestic decades construct cone head structure, has small size, light weight, high strength and excellent characteristics. Due to the linear expansion coefficient of glass is porcelain, is size composite insulation materials, and metal accessories and cement, thus stress component material matching is good. Under various climate conditions, not like porcelain insulators and composite insulators, prone to dangerous stress caused by aging. And the quality of composite insulator is difficult to solve the structure of the composite interface. But the composite insulator has excellent, pollution resistant and usually do not need to clean. This will greatly reduce the line maintenance costs. As such, composite insulator development prospect. Glass dielectric constant is bigger, so only the glass insulator flashover voltage is lower than that of the porcelain insulator, but there is a large capacitor to improve the voltage distribution on the surface of the main, to that of the porcelain insulator string flashover voltage. Combined with the glass insulator leakage is greater than distance, the surface of condensed, less resistance to thermal stress caused by unclean ability, therefore not easy by flashover accident. East China power grid of pollution flashover in 10 years practice has repeatedly proved that the glass insulator is better than that of porcelain insulator pollution resistant. ( 3) Manufacturing level is the guarantee in foreign countries, high quality products are quite economic scale has been formed, and has good high automatic production line process. Consequently, the whole Western Europe and the former Soviet union, glass insulator market share as high as 90% above; The composite insulator used for * of the world North America, accounting for 25% ~ 30% of the total local insulator market; In Japan, porcelain insulator, unify the whole country. In our country, fortunately domestic glass insulator through technology introduction and development, has the production conditions. For porcelain and composite insulators, in addition to the individual joint ventures, the manufacture level in our country has not yet been achieved. Visible, choose what kind of products also depends on the product manufacturing level and overall understanding of the product performance and use environment. Conclusion (3 1) Insulator's life cycle, failure rate, failure detection, the accident rate and reliability test, should be a comprehensive evaluation of the reliability of the insulator of the five principles. ( 2) Expand domestic glass insulator in current has a bigger superiority. As the glass insulator manufacturer should keep improving, effectively reduce the insulator running the first few years of failure rate. ( 3) Composite insulator has a more broad prospects for development, we should focus on development, in order to delay the ageing of the materials and predict a breakthrough on the life cycle. ( 4) Domestic porcelain insulator with a long production history, we should increase the intensity of technological transformation, the material formula, the product structure and manufacturing level to make greater progress. 【 Work on a message: blackout cleaning insulator danger point and its precautions 】 【 The next message: how to detect the quality of composite insulator, composite insulator detecting way 】
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