Cable accessories and cable head what are different

by:Mings     2020-07-20
Cable head is connected to the cable on a device. Such as cable joint is refers to the cable and the cable connected device, plays an open circuit, and guarantee or phase insulation, sealing and mechanical protection. Cable terminal connector is installed on the end of the cable line, to ensure the grid or other electrical connections of electrical equipment, and provide a cable insulation wire core leads to a device. Cable accessories is installed in the cable line or production of parts and materials used in the cable connector and terminal head collectively, here the attachment is refers to the parts and materials. Cables and cable accessories are processed in the factory, and cable head shape is under field conditions, manual operation, the scene environment condition difference is very big, operating skilled workers degree, so the quality of cable head is not only related to the quality of cable accessories, also in the installation conditions. Cable accessories, with its uniqueness, whether it's hot shrinkage cable accessories, shrinkage cable accessories, or prefabricated cable accessories, a complete product did not exist before installation, the most perfect cable accessories products also is simply a combination of some parts and materials, only these parts with the material and installed in accordance with the technological requirements in the cable line, complete necessarily with a cable in the cable accessories, this is the cable head.
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