Cable accessories manufacturer to parse what are the precautions for the installation of the cable joint

by:Mings     2020-06-28

as cable accessories factory, in this article to parse what are the precautions for the installation of cable joint, hope to be of service, we take a look at the following:

the known, cable joint is also called the cable head. Cable laying, in order to make it a continuous line, paragraphs line must be connected as a whole, these points are referred to as the cable joint. Cable line in the middle part of the cable joint is called the middle joint, and the end of the line two cable joint is called the terminal head. Cable connector is used to lock and fixed into the outlet, have the effect of waterproof dustproof shock.

1, cable force of cone processing

construction shape, to the best of accurate to react cone, potential distribution on the cone is equal, in the production of crosslinking cable reaction cone, generally USES the special-purpose cutting tool, can also use a bit micro fire heating, use a sharp knife cutting, the basic shape, with a 2 mm thick glass blowing, and then use from coarse to fine sand paper burnish, until smooth.

2, outside the processing of semiconductor shielding

the semiconductor shielded cable and uniform electric field outside the function of the joints of semiconductive bucket, as well as in semiconductor shielding, in cable and connector has played a very important role. Evening side body port must be tidy uniform requirements and insulation smooth transition, and increase in joint around the ontology of the semiconductor band and cable shielding by semiconductor in succession.

3, in the semiconductor shielding processing

every cable ontology has a shielding layer inside, must restore when making joint pressure to take over the conductor within the joint part of the shielding layer, both within the semiconductor shielding cable to set aside part of in order to make the connection pipe connection block to phase in the head than xu, to ensure the continuity of the semiconductor and make joint takeover of the field intensity distribution.

4, metal shielding and grounding handling

metal shielding in the role of cables and connectors is mainly used for transmission cable fault, short-circuit current and electromagnetic interference shielding electromagnetic field on r - equipment, metal shielding run v state in good grounding condition at zero potential, when after the cable is broken, it is in a very short time conduction ability of short circuit current. Reliable grounding wire should be welded, at both ends and cable metal mask on ontology and M size with strong shaking, terminal head grounding should be reliable.

in order to reduce the air gap exists, we can do the following work:

1) insulation end cut into the cone, to ensure that surround filling glue with the insulation can be a very good adhesion;

(2) in the main insulation surface evenly coated a layer of silicone grease enhance the effect of sealing;

(3) to wrap around on both ends of the pipe sealant;

(4) before the installation of inner and outer sheath to backfill filler, the cavity fill and level up, make whole joint present a neat appearance, tied with PVC tape winding;

5) inner and outer sheath wound sealant at both ends when you install.

the above a few problems in the field work is complementary to each other, each working procedure is to connect with each other and influence each other, we want them to look at it as a continuous whole. Integrating research, development, production and sales, to provide cable terminal head among custom, cable connector, cable terminal head, cold cable accessories, cable, heat shrinkable cable accessories, cable accessories and other products, welcome to contact, we wholeheartedly at your service.

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