Cable accessories manufacturers share the cold cable joint attention

by:Mings     2020-07-18

cable accessories manufacturers share the cold cable joint matters needing attention of the cable accessories application range is very wide, also has a lot of attention in the process of using, cable accessories manufacturer to share with you today some cold cable joint use of the note. First cold cable joint according to need of specifications to choose the right joint materials, now cold cable joint material quality is uneven, but in order to ensure the quality of the cold cable joint, Suggestions do not covet is cheap, try to choose material quality trustworthy cable head manufacturer! Second, installing a cold cable joint as far as possible don't choose a rainy day, because the cable into the water will seriously affect the service life of the cable, serious can appear even short circuit accident! Third, the production of cable joint must be read carefully before cable manufacturer's product manuals, this for more than 10 kv and cold cable accessories, is particularly important. Do all the process before good want to do it again! Fourth, more than 10 kv single-core armoured cable cold cable joint, remember that only one end of the steel strip earth! Fifth, copper pipe can't be too hard, as long as the pressure from a can! After copper end face is bound to have a lot of pressure bump, this must use grade flat, cold can't leave any burr cable accessories! Sixth, the cold cable accessories when using a blowtorch, pay attention to the torch moving back and forth, not only on one direction constantly for fire! Seventh, the size of the cold cable joint must be in strict accordance with the drawings to do, especially take out the reserved in the tube support, more to be careful! Hui power technology co. , LTD. Is a research and development, production, sales, 1 kv 35 kv cold shrink power cable accessories and insulation products of production-oriented enterprises, bend force to provide customers with advanced products and a full range of services, creating value for customers, 24-hour service hotline: 18156768781

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