Cable accessories manufacturers to share internal impedance balance technique

by:Mings     2020-07-13

small make up in an instant article has Shared by internal impedance balance technology, then the problem of content of the previous period, to continue to share in this installment small make up internal impedance balance technology, hope to help you. With blue portal: the cable accessories manufacturers to share waveform comparison method to judge fault point

some instruments to reduce the number of low voltage pulse method close test blind area, adopted the balance of internal impedance technology. The purpose of using internal impedance balance technique is compressed or even eliminate instrument receives ( And display) The sending of pulse, so as to reduce or eliminate the measuring blind area. And can greatly limit increase amplifier circuit gain and improve the amplitude of reflected pulse, not caused by amplifying circuit 'blocking' pulse reflection waveform distortion.

low voltage pulse range finder send pulse width to a certain extent, due to the output impedance instrument and cable wave impedance mismatch, get the cable or equipment receiving circuit feel sending pulse took a tail, fault point on the screen reflection pulse and transmitted pulse overlap, can cause significant measuring blind area. If the instrument at the same time receive and send pulse and the reflection pulse on the display show, when the distance point of failure, send pulse reflection pulse amplitude is greater than the fault point, such as by improving the amplifier gain to achieve the purpose of improve fault point reflected pulse amplitude, will cause the signal amplifying circuit saturation, a so-called 'blocks' phenomenon.

instrument measured cable and at the same time to the internal balance net transmitted pulse, the received signal is being measured and instrument cables and internal balance differential signals on the network, network parameters adjusting internal balance, to make it consistent with the wave impedance of the cable, then sends a pulse on the cables and internal balance network in phase, the signals produced by the instrument the received signal is zero, and when the reflected pulse arrives, internal balance no signal to appear on the network, all reflected pulse to the instrument and receiving circuit. In order to simplify the operation, the actual low voltage pulse reflection instrument tend to use the balance of the fixed network, rather than by the operating personnel adjustment.

instrument adopts the technology of the internal balance display waveform after sending pulse compression. Waveform comparison method, which can easily measure the cable head head failure. First measured a good cable core pulse reflection waveform, storage, and then measuring fault core. Measured waveform comparison, twice in the waveform at beginning, there is a striking contrast between the two, that is the cable head head failure.

the above is the phase of the cable accessories manufacturers to share internal impedance balance technology, hope you can like it, if you want to get more information on cable accessories industry, welcome contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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