Cable accessories manufacturers to share waveform comparison method to judge point of failure

by:Mings     2020-07-17

small make up in front of the article using the company cable accessories for many years production experience, has to share the low voltage pulse reflection method, small make up today will then continue to share for you waveform comparison method to judge the content of the last point of failure problem. Blue portal: the cable accessories manufacturers for the share of low voltage pulse reflection method '

in order to better discriminant analysis point of failure reflected pulse, some instruments still adopted the pulse reflection waveform comparison measurement method. Actual cable structure may be more complex, such as branches, such as complex pulse reflection waveform is not easy to understand, and pulse reflection waveform comparison measurement method for judging fault point relatively easier, also not produce miscalculation.

use modern microprocessor technology to make low voltage pulse reflection method instrument with waveform memory function, which keep the waveform in the form of digital memory, at the same time the new measurement waveform with memory waveform display. Using this feature, the operator can through comparing the good cable core and fault line core pulse reflection waveform difference place to find fault point, to avoid the difficulty to understand complex pulse reflection waveform. Easy to identify fault point, high sensitivity. Actual three-phase power cable has the possibility of failure is very small, as long as there is a good wire core, can easily use waveform comparison method measuring point of failure.

waveform comparison method, can accurately gauge wire length or correction of wave velocity. Due to pulse exist in the propagation loss, wire and terminal reflection pulse back to the measurement point, waveform rise along more smoothly, not accurate landmarks set reflected pulse arrival time. Especially when the cable fault distance is longer, this phenomenon is more prominent. And the endpoint of open circuit and short circuit waveform display at the same time, the bifurcation point is more noticeable, easy to recognize.

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