Cable accessories performance of how to judge

by:Mings     2020-07-19
The basic requirement of cold shrink cable accessories: get along electric field intensity, effective control of the insulation shield fracture for the insulation of the external environment of reliable sealing and complete protection, enough mechanical strength, good conductor connection. How to measure a good performance of the cable accessories? Mainly include the following: from the electrical properties and physical properties measured one cable accessories can achieve long-term stable running life. Electrical performance: can the partial discharge resistance, electric stress control measures, the effect of cable shielding layer structure of the head, weather resistance to the end of a cable. Measure electric stress control effect can be achieved by cable accessory whether can effectively reduce the degree of internal and external surface electric field intensity, whether can help to improve the performance of other electric is running after a long period of time to prove that the physical properties of the party, including: waterproof sealing performance, the head in the middle of the mechanical protection performance and the reliability of grounding connection, heat shrinkable cable accessories operating instructions and installation process. Cold cable accessories factors of performance can be measured in several aspects, the most important is to consider from two aspects of electrical properties and physical properties, for the end user and operation department, the most important is stable and reliable long running life pay attention to some unique of the key factors for cold cable accessories, important influence on the properties of cable accessories. Yueqing city electric power equipment co. , LTD. The main products are cable branch box, shrinkage cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories, ring network cabinet, gas cabinets, cable joint, etc. , is a collection of science and technology research and development, production and manufacturing, product sales for the integration of electric power equipment co. , LTD.
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