- cable branch box The purpose of the 10 kv outdoor open and close

by:Mings     2020-07-15
Unit sulfur hexafluoride outdoor cable branch box is a new generation with sulfur hexafluoride load switch, vacuum circuit breaker as the main switch and bus USES air insulated, suitable for distribution automation, compact and extensible closed switch equipment, has a simple structure, flexible operation, reliable chain, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic. Unit of sulfur hexafluoride outdoor cable branch box main switches are used imported ABB production SFG, Italian VEI FLUORC production, high-quality components assembly of SF6 load switch or circuit breaker, operation mode, which has two kinds of manual, electric, and additive with FTU devices, realize the four remote functions. Product features according to the requirements of users to use the environment outside the enclosure, outside the box body can be based on user require the use of various materials and structures, such as stainless steel plate, color steel plate, aluminum zinc plate, such as appearance of a variety of color can choose, ensure that 20 years do not fade. Head tilt, rain eaves designs, and is equipped with upper and lower vents, each vent setting have dust filter, forming a top-down air convection, make the good effect of heat insulation and ventilation; At the bottom of the box body is sealed bottom outlet and inlet line of cable, prevent moisture from the cable into the box. Internal unit tank body material all adopt imported high quality coated aluminium zinc plate or sheet according to user requirements, processed by CNC numerical control equipment, overall riveting; Qualification according to user requirements in a variety of ways you can choose, convenient and flexible. The core components - SF6 load switch, vacuum circuit breaker ( 1) Sod SF6 load switch SF6 load switch, there are three kinds of working state: switching, brake, grounding ( Optional) , the operator has strictly prevent wrong operation function; Using SF6 gas as arcing medium, filled with 0. 045MPa( 20℃) The SF6 gas, switch shell with fracture observation window; Switch with a charged state of capacitive charged displays; Two methods of manual operator optional electric,; As for wire loop can be added with the right type fuse implementation over-current protection function, the switch mechanical life is long, 30 years of free maintenance. ( 2) Vacuum circuit breaker to all kinds of spring mechanism side vacuum circuit breaker, such as the side with VS1, VD4; All kinds of vacuum circuit breaker permanent magnetic actuator, such as type, rhett ISM, Ukraine BP1 type. And supporting a variety of circuit breaker protection device, to achieve perfect transmission and distribution and protection function. 10 kv outdoor open and close, Cable branch box) 10 kv outdoor open and close, ( Cable branch box) 10 kv outdoor open and close, ( Cable branch box) 。
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