Cable cutting special instruments

by:Mings     2020-06-30

the cutting of the cable is power cable accessories in an important link in the process of installation, prior to installation in the power cable accessories. We need the size of the cutting according to the regulation of power cable sheath, kai ( Aluminum sheath) Materials, insulation shield, insulation etc. And now for the cutting of the cable, a lot of construction personnel is not special cutting tools, electric power construction staff are generally with the electrician knife first cable skin peeled off, after reoccupy saw bow to the armor of the cable saw a mark, then armor to choose open with a screwdriver, then tore to armor.

and cable cutting special instruments commonly used in the 66 kv and above power cable products, used to make cable joint and end use. When the strip plastic outer sheath, shall not be hurt and metal sheath. When the stripped cable insulation shielding, not damage the insulation; When cone cutting insulation or cutting system reaction force, not damage the cable conductor. More than cutting operation, need to use some special tools. We take a look at the following:

1. Cutting plastic knife

plastic cutting cable outer sheath, except with general tool cutting, still can use a special tool. The cutting plastic knife, also calls the hook knife or sheath cutting knife. The lower end of the profile control plastic knife one tap, tap when using pressure within the sheath, pull handle, with the blade cutting plastic outer sheath.

2。 Cutting knife

cutting knife also calls the insulation shield cutting knife, it is used for cutting with cross-linked polyethylene insulation and insulation shielding layer of special tools, with adjustable cutting knife and an adjustable cutting knife two kinds. Adjustable cutter can remove cable insulation shielding, insulation, making cone reaction force. An adjustable cutting knife can only to remove the insulation of the cable. Cutting knife to use according to the thickness of the cable insulation and the conductor diameter to adjust the blade, cutting insulation should make the blade rotation diameter slightly larger than the cable conductor diameter; Cutting the insulation shield. Should be slightly bigger than the outer diameter of cable insulation. When cutting insulation layer, the insulating layer and the inner semiconductive layer cutting at the same time, adjust the tool again, to keep this section of the inner semiconductive layer. In order to prevent damage electrical conductor system, should be embedded people lining tube, the conductor to protect it.

reaction cone roll cutting knife, this tool is actually imitates the cutting pencil knife made of. When using, in order to avoid damage to the conductor in the process of cutting and inner semiconductive layer, outside the conductor should suit a steel casing, and according to the cable sectional area and the thickness of insulation, adjust the position of a good blade, and then with the screws. Reaction of taper cutting, reoccupy bo rui cut, and its surface by fine sand paper burnish processing.

to sum up, as the costs of the cutting of the cable and cable accessories varieties, construction personnel technical level problem, and the contact force and the actual contact area of joint is as joint running of a variety of different operating conditions and the change, so the crosslinking cable for a wide variety of joint failure is also each are not identical, in addition to the hot issues, for sealing problems, stress problem, coupling problem, grounding problems caused by the joint failure should also attach importance to it.

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