Cable head production security considerations

by:Mings     2020-06-29

now the Internet has developed to a very powerful era. A lot of things are intelligent, but also because of the rapid development of our society, so the speed of information transmission is very fast. Before a lot of people are only from television, newspapers, magazines, understand the information above, and never leave home can understand now the outside information. And this is attributed to the wide application of cable head, then what are the precautions for cable head production safety? We take a look at the following:

(1) to ensure that the cable head production quality, and the address besides according to regulations, keep clean in the whole production process, it is forbidden to dust or debris fell into line core wrapped, pouring in.

(2) the use of the burner to be used in the correct operating procedures, no insurance on banning the use of the pump valve set of burner. Using a blowtorch should do the following.

。 Ignition when not on the stove; In the whole process of using a blowtorch, shall not be put out smoke.

b。 Burner use time shoulds not be too long, must stop using when the cylinder hot.

c。 High altitude, when using the following may not be someone; Shall not burner to borrow from others.

d。 Before the use should check whether oil is normal, generally no more than 3/4 volume; Oil of bolts are tight. Whether use place air circulation, in order to prevent flammable gas filled with indoor; It is strictly prohibited in the naked light near the gas burner, oil drain or repair.

(3) work site must have a extinguishing apparatus, all homework personnel should use common sense and extinguishing the fire.

(4) homework site electricity will be implemented according to the system of temporary electricity utilization, prohibit disorderly pull wires. Must be a gate in one. Temporary line should use waterproof rubber line, and a socket board, temporary line joint must bind and reliable, so as to avoid leakage.

5. When wrapped insulation high-voltage cable, and cable shielding layer should be not less than 5 mm clearance; Wrapped screen, and the cable shielding layer should be not less than 5 mm overlap.

6. Binding of aerial work operation platform, must be strong, and a protective railing, and must be reliable, can not have probe plate. All scaffolding used ropes binding firmly. Check carefully before operation, correct operation rear can mount.

7) operation, for reasons of fragile parts to should take put down gently, pay attention to the surrounding operating environment, prevent collisions; Fastening screw should be firm, to prevent too hard.

today cable terminal head and cable connector from the start cutting to the finished must be straight into Ning, at one time.

pet-name ruby different type of insulated, cable oil should not be mixed use, if necessary, based on the physical and chemical and electrical performance test, meet the requirements may be mixed use.

when attending to heat asphalt rubber, resin compound, must have the modes and stir, not overflow or lake. It is forbidden to use wood, charcoal, coal heating. Operators should wear gloves, masks, protective goggles. Heating level after delivery, it must be two people with a clean stick up; Vertical transport must be with a rope fastened to dip, and no one below.

the above is the small make up to introduce the cable head production security considerations of several reasons, more cable head, shrinkage cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories related information through the website homepage contact contact welcome advice us.

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