Cable intermediate joint is soaked by water how should handle

by:Mings     2020-06-29

for modern people, especially in cities usually must be inseparable from the grid, so we at the time of housing construction, the design of the circuit point network is very important, now life power demand is very big, so about the requirement of the cable into the household is also very high. Buried cables in cable trench, in particular, the cable pit is very easy to water, causing the cable running in water for a long time, about a cable joint center local here, take part in the center joint problems, waterproof not ready, is easy to cause the power line. How to do with cable joint center is soaked by water? We take a look at the following:

were the main construction environment is poor, too small local, generally center owe good use, convenient now cold center joint is different also, waterproof function is in short supply. First round center joint package type waterproof function is better than the cold cable accessories and other cable accessories should be good. Second round package type center joint of requirement of scale is low, and can be done according to the situation, not like cohesion and other cold center, factory main body has been prepared, scales have strict requirements. Terminal pressure welding in the future, wrapped around the terminal waterproof fill glue, shorten the heat shrinkable tube, if is generally slightly moist environment, respectively on both ends of the cable winding on waterproof fill tape, shorten the protective casing. If the environment is bad, you have to use self-adhesive waterproof adhesive tape to strengthen waterproof. Populated waterproof fill glue in the future, in filling rubber outer layer with a waterproof adhesive tape wrapping a layer may be stretched waterproof adhesive tape winding layers, but not too thick, so as to avoid too much lead to insulation pipe sleeve.

when cable grid into the door to do waterproof processing:

1, if use it don't need to do is armoured cable waterproof, unless you're in the thread off damage to the cable sheath. Generally can be called the cable can be effectively waterproof, so long as the cable head place without water. According to working experience, usually in cable trench has just the right amount of water can also advances the cooling capacity of the cable.

2, in cable trench just in from the wild to indoor must do waterproof plugging treatment, other don't have to do waterproof processing, but to allow drainage facilities in the proper orientation. If the whole were all wear iron pipe, and cable waterproof coat, it will bend and straight pipe welding die in threading, requirements for welding craft can have.

3 are frequently used, steel flexible waterproof casing, waterproof, usually most of the factories manufacturing is conducted in accordance with the relevant industry standards, specifications, functions are good. Flexible waterproof casing wall, is not possible, if not concrete must be converted into coagulation soil wall, and should be the casing a condensation inside the wall.

now rotated around the center of bag type cable joint device to device space adaptable, suitable to repair this kind of work. So the recent package type joint center for better use. On water soak the better project, completes the center after the joint around the package type, add a layer of external insulation protection box, inside filling high-voltage insulating sealant, better waterproof effect, progress the function of waterproof and cable using life. So, to prevent the cable center joint by water immersion is the best policy.

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