Cable safety requirements when using what methods and storage

by:Mings     2020-06-26

with the continuous improvement of people life level and household appliances on the rise, people growing demand for electricity, the use quantity of wire will add accordingly. Wires are small responsibility is significant, it is not short of the warp and woof of building materials in domestic adornment, wire quality whether pass, domestic outfit has a close relationship with the safety circuit. Need to know a lot of fire, electric shock disturbance because of wire line quality caused by poor quality. Therefore, in the family decoration, choose wire and cable used must not careless light heart.

cable in use at the safety requirements are as follows:

1. Cable should be wear tube and rail or road with maintenance, maintenance tube should be 2 m out of track or road.

2。 Cables and heat pipe near or weaving, such as heat insulation measures, parallel and interspersed with Min interval 0 respectively. 5 m and 0. 25m。

3。 The interval of cable and building foundation, should ensure cables buried outside the building aproll; Cable entry building should wear pipe maintenance, maintenance tube should also be beyond aproll outside buildings.

4。 Directly buried cables and general earthing device grounding should apart between 0. 25 ~ 0. 5m; Directly buried cables buried depth, generally should not be less than zero. 7 m and shall be buried under the permafrost.

5。 Cable with each other, high voltage cable should be at the bottom of the low voltage cable. If a cable on the penetration at 1 m size before and after wear tube maintenance or partition from every Min promised to interval of 0. 25m。

maintenance measures

with power cable engineering buried rapidly developed, and the higher requirements are put forward on the cable maintenance, cable maintenance casing is use polyethylene PE and steel pipe with high quality by sand blasting pretreatment, blasting jinsu or coating, heat curing process. It is the maintenance of wire and cable commonly used a electrical insulating pipe. Because outstanding with functions of insulation, high chemical stability, no rust, not aging, can be used to harsh environment and has been widely used.

use cable maintenance casing maintenance cable can reach the following advantages: 1, outstanding corrosion resistance, long using life, can be applied in humid salt field. 2, good flame retardant, heat resistance, can be used in a 130 degree high temperature for a long time and not deformation, fire doesn't burn. 3, high strength, high stiffness. Use under the driveway buried without concrete layer maintenance, can roll cable engineering construction progress fast. 4, cable casing pipes and pipe fittings have maintenance must be flexible, and can withstand the pressure and foundation subsidence caused by the destruction. 5, has outstanding resistance to outside interference function. 6, inside sleek, not scratch the cable. Design chooses the connection methods of socket type, convenient device connection. Add rubber sealing ring sealing joint is used to heat bilges cold shrink, and avoid sand into the mud.

check method

cable if want to register for a long time, according to the placement of cable bearing, should be considered the following:

1, the pipe ( Plastic or metal) 。 As in the pipeline, pay attention to the damage of the plastic pipe and metal pipe of heat conduction.

2, outside the wall. Avoid the sun shining directly metope and artificial damage.

3, dangling/aerial cable. Consider the cable sag and pressure, to choose what kind of bandaging method, whether the cable is the sun shining directly.

4, the eaves. Cable in not only direct exposure to the sun or under high temperature, the specification LAN cable can use, the use of line is recommended.

5, the underground cable conduit laid directly, this kind of environment is a manipulation of the smaller. In cable trench device to view of dry or wet level on a regular basis.

6, underground pipeline. To facilitate future upgrades, cable replacement and isolation and surface pressure and the surrounding environment, auxiliary pipe isolated, auxiliary pipe is a good method. But don't hope that the pipe will always stick to dry, it will affect the choice of varieties of cable for.

with wire and cable manufacturing technology and the development of special equipment is closely related to promote each other, ensure the product quality and production efficiency of the cable.

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