Cause the brittle fracture of composite insulator mandrel of the source of the stress corrosion of acid - High voltage insulator, composite insulator, lightning protection pillar insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-05
Cause the brittle fracture of composite insulator mandrel sources of stress corrosion of acid to cause the brittle fracture of rods on international sources of stress corrosion of acid and controversial, the main kinds of is summarized as follows. ( 1) Acid rain outside. When the composite insulator sheath damaged or connector seal failure, the core rod could be affected by acid rain, which has the possibility of stress corrosion. Acid rain is pH value is less than 5. 6 acid precipitation, and its forming process is extremely complex. Now generally think that acid rain is due to human emissions of sulfur oxides ( Mostly SO. And the second is SO. ) And nitrogen oxides ( Main is NO, followed by N02) As it enters the atmosphere, causing the locally medical enrichment of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere, in the encounter in the process of water condensation, certain pollutants in the catalytic formation of sulfuric acid and nitric acid, respectively, with the rain and snow land forming acid rain. Acid rain area in China mainly concentrated in the south of the Yangtze river and the southeast coastal areas, in recent years due to an increasing incidence of sulfur oxides and nox emissions, the problem of acid rain has increasingly prominent, currently in China mainly in northeast Asia has become the world's third largest SuanYu District after Europe and North America. ( 2) Composite insulator mandrel surface moisture in high field strength of partial discharge nitric acid. When the composite insulator sheath defects or damage, mandrel surface can form the air gap. Due to containing nitrogen in the air, under the condition of discharge, nitrogen can be oxidized into nitrogen dioxide oxygen in the air, namely 285 n7 + 20 ~ __, put & ndash; A 2 n02 ( 8 - 7) When the moisture in the air gap at the same time exist, nitrogen dioxide dissolves in water can generate nitric acid, namely 4 n07 + 00 + 2 h7 & ndash; — A 4 hn03 ( 8 - 8) ( 3) Composite insulator mandrel inside the air gap under high field strength partial discharge of oxalic acid. Mandrel for epoxy resin, lead extraction process may be inside the mandrel with the air gap, or due to the high voltage insulator sheath damaged in mandrel surface air gap. If because of the high field strength in the air gap produced partial discharge, can produce nitrogen oxides such as N2 0, N02 and N2 03, etc. , these oxide can further with the core of reaction of epoxy resin, the carbon chain decomposition, and generate the oxalic acid ( Oxalic acid) 。 The reaction process for the type, R - , R: for epoxy resin polymer chain. ( 4) Composite insulator mandrel lead acid anhydride curing agent moisture absorption crystallization generated when pull acid crystals and remain in the surface of the mandrel, acid produced in the operation of the water absorption. The theory put forward by Claude DE Tourreil and others in 2000, believes in the lead during the processes of rods anhydride curing agent may produce acid, moisture absorption and generate acid crystal crystal particles. Because it is solid particles, and sealing is very good, so you don't produce acid. Or because of composite insulator in the operation of the sheath is damaged, or as a result of the sheath respiration, Shang could lead to water reach the surface of the core rod, the crystal particles can produce acid water, resulting in stress corrosion of mandrel. In some kind of acid anhydride curing agent, for example, its generation in the chemical formula for the type of acid hydrolysate, R for anhydride carbon chain. At present, the theory of stress corrosion is * accepted mechanism of composite insulator brittle fracture of rods, although people have different ways of acid production, but which is based on the theory of stress corrosion. As a result, the evaluation of the performance of resistance to brittle fracture of rods are also using the method of stress corrosion test and stress corrosion test is by far the only can reproduce the means of brittle and mouth in the lab. In order to achieve the different test purpose, can adopt different ways of loading, in addition, both at home and abroad for composite insulator mandrel stress corrosion resistance test method of parameter regulation is also different. 【 A message on: how to flush the composite insulator, safety measures and precautions 】 rinse insulator 【 The next message: long running and mechanical properties of the composite insulator, composite insulator performance affected by what 】
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