Characteristics of composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-08
Characteristics of composite insulator interface and sealing structure design is the key to the design of composite insulator, composite hollow insulator running time is not long, after all, quantity is not much, much of its key technology without running environment test for a long time, especially the end fittings, glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube with umbrella cover three interface, if not handled properly, will affect the safe operation of composite hollow insulator. In recent years, due to the decrease of the quality of the seal casing accidents also many, mostly end attachment pouring silicone implants of interface ( RTV sealant) Imperfect, or due to temperature changes occur crack water infiltration, or bus, switch, breaker etc. In under the action of its own gravity, ice, wind, produce the perpendicular to the axis of composite hollow insulator to pull, end connection interface crack expansion, and oil or gas leakage, causing serious accidents. Composite insulator core body is glass fiber, high temperature of winding of epoxy resin, it also under mechanical stress, the electric stress, sulfur hexafluoride and its effect on the decomposition of chemical, water in the atmosphere may be due to design flaws, defects, such as inside, result in deterioration of glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube. And the expansion coefficient of glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube close to zero, and although small but gas pouring in, in order to guarantee the reliability and security of the running for a long time in the outdoor products, design and manufacturing to ensure the end fittings, glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin and sheath interface connection tube and sealing is reliable. Key parameter control to reduce the degradation rate, improve the stability of product quality and consistency, in addition to strengthen production management and quality control, to increase inspection means, improve the technical parameters is also an effective way to eliminate the defective product. As to the composite insulator is the key to the crimping process control. Now has asked the crimping process must adopt by acoustic emission detection method with other effective means of quality control tests, put an end to end connection overvoltage and undervoltage problems. For composite insulator damage load average minus 3 times the standard deviation is greater than the rated mechanical load. Products for high tonnage, also called for 1. 2 SML mechanical tensile load test for a full 24 hours. High voltage insulator mandrel water diffusion test shall be formulated by the early of 1 ma to less than 0. 3 ma. In addition, the sheath thickness for different voltage grade, mandrel light perspective inspections on one by one, should be able to through the thunder and lightning impulse withstand voltage test and resistance to stress corrosion test and contrast test, mechanical tensile failure load of umbrella skirt sheath material requirements compared to past is greatly increased, and so on. These are the * time study at home and abroad. The shape and size of the composite insulator is varied, according to its USES are divided into line insulator, insulator and power station or indoor and outdoor insulator type insulator; According to its shape and suspension insulator, pin insulator, post insulator, rod type insulator, bushing and stay insulator, etc. In addition to dust insulator and insulating cross arm. 【 On a message: what are the advantages of composite insulator 】 【 Composite insulator process characteristics 】 a message:
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