Chongqing electric power in advance re-examination adds hydropower into chongqing in sichuan province

by:Mings     2020-07-20
< P> north star hydraulic grid dispatch: on February 7, chongqing, head of the company led to sichuan province electric power company to communicate learning, advance re-examination adds the plentiful water and electricity in sichuan, make arrangements for early summer peaks. < / P> < P> it is understood that the company has been in sichuan for the overwhelming support for the development of chongqing company, especially in the last year of chongqing 'big five' three pilot during construction, the sichuan hemiplegia, power supply companies to overcome water tight difficulties, such as doing everything possible to ensure to add one thousand to send maximum power of 1. 6 million kw, chongqing power up to 3. 5 billion KWH, peace estivate help chongqing company, also for chongqing company 'big five' pilot successfully created the conditions. < / P> < P> during the summer of 2012, chongqing load growth is expected to reach 13%, combined with the power grid faces hard gap, sichuan water and electricity will be chongqing power grid make up an important source of electric power supply. Considering transmission channel, water features in sichuan and chongqing power purchase demand factors, chongqing company hopes to increase the unplanned sichuan company altogether in chongqing electric power. < / P> < P> in sichuan province, the company said in terms of increase send altogether sichuan electricity into chongqing, in the case of channel allows to give maximum support, especially on the premise of security, do our best to alleviate the pressure of chongqing. Each two companies also need to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism, keep close contact, at regular seminars, symposia, accelerate work together, create a better platform for the cooperation. < / P>
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