CLP vote get ze power 'three steps' to consolidate security results

by:Mings     2020-07-01
In order to further implement the group company work conference spirit, strengthen safety achievements, promote the development of enterprise security, recently, get a jersey power units to determine the 'three steps' to carry out the 'check lead, thoughts, check management, rules and regulations, check hidden trouble' as the main content of the spring security check. < P> the first step from February 1 solstice on February 10, for spring inspection stage. The company is a spring check propaganda and mobilization work, firmly establish a 'can be any risk control, can be any violation of any accident prevention, can avoid the' safety management idea and the working concept of 'no best, only better'; Second is to organize employee in-depth study the electric power production safety work rules, the prevent power production major accident of 25 important requirements, 'hereby' and other relevant laws, regulations, and arrange the test and production safety review of card mount guard registration work; 3 it is combined with the 'twenty-five counter measures' to the current situation of the production equipment, the existence of hidden dangers, especially the unit should be inspection program, the DCS control system, the boiler 'four tube' leakage and auxiliary engine vibration problems to develop targeted measures, reasonable arrangements of spring check and planning. Four is spring of purchase department organize inspection job required spare parts, spare parts supply, ensure that spring and work as planned. < / P> < P> the second step from February 11 solstice on May 18, for the spring in the implementation stage. The company will check lead, in the mind, check management, rules and regulations, check hidden danger of the 'five checks' activities, through various forms of security education, enhance the safety awareness of workers and to curb the phenomenon of chronic violate the rules. Security ministry responsible for check and supervise the implementation of 'safety, two votes' system and 'two votes a card' the standard and normalization of management; All production departments seriously trying to reduce the hidden trouble in security equipment and management, and make corresponding improvement; Related production departments of antifouling flash the capa and the status of the factory building, building foundation and the flood control work; Get electricity at the scene of fire control facilities inspections industry security service center, and organize to carry out the volunteer firefighter training, etc. < / P> < P> the third step, May 19 solstice on May 30, for spring inspection summary stage. Departments on the 25 May, will find out the hidden dangers, the processing spring inspection work, the result of the spring of spring and the project completion inspection work the problems existing in the safety of environmental protection, the company will be significant to the result, and major equipment to eliminate hidden dangers and spring high project completion rate of departments to reward, punishment for offenders, legacy in the spring inspection problems, formulate corresponding measures and put forward the improvement plan, completed within a time limit. < / P> < P> it is understood that in order to implement good spring inspection work of production safety responsibility system, to ensure that the 'three steps' in place, the company set up to general manager for leader of spring in the leadership group, and puts forward the three work requirements, one is to strengthen leadership, elaborate organization; The second is the target decomposition, the implementation of the responsibility; Three is seriously review, consolidate the achievements. < / P>
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