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Cold Runner Block Device Injection Mould

Cold Runner Block Device Injection Mould

Cold Runner Block Device Injection Mould

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Introduction of Cold Runner Block Devicer

By changing the position and number of injection nozzle of injection molding machine, one mould with multi-cavity can be realized to increase output.
By changing the position of injection nozzle, the distance between injection nozzle and product cavity can bereduced to reduce the waste of raw material.




The cold runner block device consists of three parts.
It has a circulating water pipe inside, which can keep the temperature down while working. So, it is always in alow temperature working state to ensure that rubber will not vulcanize and thus cause blockage.
Through scientific design, it can change the position and quantity of injection nozzle and ensure the balanceof injection at each injecton nozzle.
Heat insulation plate
It is composed of asbestos insulation plate and resin insulation plate, which can minimize heat transferringfrom heating plate to runner plate, and it has high strength so that it is not easy to break.
Heating plate
It is used to provide heat for mould, so that the temperature of mould can reach and stabilize at the vulcanization temperature of rubber.


1- product analysis

2- Mould design

3- Incoming inspection

4- CNC processing

5- Heat treatment

6-Shed block finishing

7-Fine grinding

8-Electroplating and polishing

9- Assembling

10-Mould test

11-Sample inspection


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