Cold what are affected by silicone rubber cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-06-25

hot cold cable accessories market in recent years, has become a must-have equipment in modern people's life, so the cold cable accessories under the influence of silicone rubber have? Power company below small make up to introduce to everyone, the hope can help you!

cold cable accessories based on user needs, can realize the insulation of the cable shielding layer, through connection. Conductors in the cable joint adopts hex die tonnage pressure by the regulation, small contact resistance, strong mechanical strength, can satisfy completely the requirements of normal operation and short circuit operation line.

cold cable accessories excellent physical and mechanical properties: generally speaking, the ordinary tensile and tear strength of silicone rubber is low, if you want to improve the silicone rubber tearing resistance, tensile elongation decreases, the hardness will increase; And used in the manufacture of cold shrink power cable accessories of silicone rubber, requirements at the same time have A high elongation strength, low hardness and high tensile resistance to tear strength, elongation is 800%, shaw A 45 degree of hardness, tensile strength up to 10 mpa, tear up to 30 kn/m.

cold cable accessories products resistant to tracking ability should be 1 a3. Level 5. Usually the method of enhancing resistance silicone rubber tracking ability is a large amount of adding aluminum hydroxide; However, a lot of after add these packing, will inevitably increase the hardness of silicone rubber, the lower the elasticity. Company has developed the advanced technology in does not affect the silicone rubber hardness, flexibility, expansion ability premise, the resistance to tracking capacity of 4. Level 5. And the technology also make silicone rubber has a strong ability of hydrophobic, rain in the manufacturing of cold shrink cable termination, neither from film, also won't form a conductive path; It can wash away the dust on the surface of the layer. Can significantly improve the electrical performance of cold cable terminal, the application of heat shrinkable cable accessories and explore the dark group, in a relatively short size relatively large leakage within the distance of the flash.

the basic requirement of cold shrink cable accessories: get along electric field intensity, effective control of the insulation shield fracture for the insulation of the external environment of reliable sealing and complete protection, enough mechanical strength, good conductor connection. How to measure a good performance of the cable accessories? Mainly include the following:

from the electrical properties and physical properties measured one cable accessories can achieve long-term stable running life. Electrical performance: can the partial discharge resistance, electric stress control measures, the effect of cable shielding layer structure of the head, weather resistance to the end of a cable. Measure electric stress control effect can be achieved by cable accessory whether can effectively reduce the degree of internal and external surface electric field intensity, whether can help to improve the performance of other electric is running after a long period of time to prove that the physical properties of the party, including: waterproof sealing performance, the head in the middle of the mechanical protection performance and the reliability of grounding connection, heat shrinkable cable accessories operating instructions and installation process.

so why silicon rubber cold cable accessories is more and more popular with the customers?

1, long life

the ability to resist natural aging of silicon rubber cold cable accessories is very strong, therefore, its service life is long.

2 and higher cost performance

silicone rubber cold cable accessories after these years of development, process and technology improvements, prices in the gradual reduction, better performance.

3, simple installation process

silicone rubber cold cable accessories installation only common and easy to use special tools, without any equipment. According to the requirements of specifications on any of the common electrical installation is complete. Compared with other cable accessories, shrinkage cable accessories more time and manpower.

4, wide applicable scope

silicone rubber cold cable accessories with the use of silicone rubber raw materials. So it's particularly strong resistance to uncleanness, hydrophobic good and has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, especially suitable for high altitude and cold areas, salt fog and heavy pollution areas, of course, is quite applicable. Another advantage is the installation does not need to use open flame, especially suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, nonferrous metals, minerals and other places of inflammable, explosive.

5, insulation and reliable

it also said the raw material is silicon rubber, silicon rubber cold cable accessories so materials, insulation performance is very good. Silicone rubber high elastic to make interface to keep certain pressure for a long time, ensure the jowl interface under any circumstances, so as to avoid the defect of the other attachments to the attachment of interfacial instability, breathing, destruction of insulation. Due to the hydrophobic silicone rubber cold cable accessories, solved the difficult problem in the operation of pollution flashover. Using stress of the new type structure, the attachment is more visibility during installation.

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