Common failure analysis in detail

by:Mings     2020-07-07

insulator due to using the environment diversity, perennial exposed to the atmosphere or in damp environment, under the influence of natural environment, lead to all kinds of accidents, including accident about several common malfunction.

a lightning strike, because of the overhead line channel for the hills, mountains, open field, and often have polluted industrial zone, line is a lightning storm, once a lightning storm will be led to the breakdown or insulator blowout.

the sound, the study shows that the insulator flashover accident, caused a considerable part of the sound, the sound in the accident, compared with the porcelain insulator, glass insulator, composite insulator flashover accident the possibility of a better, more accident on the way of transmission lines of 110 kv or higher, lower than this value and flashover accident is less, and install the umbrella skirt can effectively prevent the flashover accident.

filthy, filthy accident refers to gather on the insulator surface, with the filth of the electrical conductivity material, especially under the humid weather, closed after the tide level of insulator is greatly reduced, the flashover accident.

Beijing heng insulator manufacturer warm remind you: in addition to these, there is a zero value, insulator blowout, causing accidents such as insulator tripping, ought to do routine maintenance, to avoid as much as possible.

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