Commonwealth Games 2010 has come to be the biggest

by:Mings     2020-05-27
However the changes that the anticipated episode of Commonwealth games 2010 has brought in are undoubtedly significant, and have changed the face of the entire city. Though some people still are uncertain about whether the preparations are enough, many of them do not fail pointing out the good alterations and changes, long awaited sports fiesta has brought along. Talking about the steps for preparation, the first one that could be pointed out is the implementation of a special program for teaching English. The same involves teaching English to the workers including cab drivers, waiters, security workers, porters as well as service staff. Over the past two years around 2,000 drivers were given classes on English. The program further aims at teaching English to over 1,000 people per month. Another preparation done is for handling the energy-usage spike during the commonwealth games. Government has implemented the large power-production initiative for increasing the power production to 7,000 MW. For this the Government has streamlined power distribution process and directed the additional energy to Delhi. This has long-term benefits guaranteed to the consumers in Delhi, as it is believed Delhi will have a excess of power, even after the Common wealth games has subsided. It is also planned that Delhi will offer free accommodation for all the athletes; it is also going to ensure free transport including free trip to Taj Mahal as well as a reserved lane for the participants some highways. Over 8,000 athletes as well as officials are going to be stationed at the 'Games Village' in Delhi during the Common wealth games. Though some citizen still underestimate the country's potential in handling the big occasion, it is good to know that India has became the third developing country in the world which has opted for hosting the commonwealth games. India bid in November of 2003 to provide $7.2 million; the same was a better offer as compared to the one made by Canada ($3.8 million). Looking at both the sides of the coin, it is not good to ignore the fact that the commonwealth games project has also resulted in destruction of numerous homes; the number of homes that have been demolished can be tracked to nearly 100,000. Also, there are bamboo screens erected round the city slums for concealing the slums; the same is unappreciated and deemed immoral. The city is on with making rapid developments including metro construction, new road and flyover construction, hotels, etc. The developments are sure to benefit the city dwellers; however considering the fact that so little time is left with so much to do, does cause some nervousness among those who are responsible for the execution of the big event. However since the government is silently proceeding with the preparations for the occasion, the citizens are all excited not only about the games, but also to see India host the global event, which will be a mark in Indian history.
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