Compare the glass insulator and the application characteristics of porcelain insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-17
Optimal defect glass insulator and porcelain insulator compare: the insulator device made of glass, glass insulator called glass insulator; Current in a circuit with the most common is toughened glass insulator. Porcelain insulator is made of electrical porcelain insulator, porcelain insulator is among the first to present the insulator. Process is simple, but not what you say is not easy to accumulate dirt, the advantages of the true scene the filth of the porcelain insulator is also very serious, the biggest advantages of relative ceramic insulator glass insulator need not stop zero detection, zero: glass insulator will detonate glass insulator has good mechanical and electrical performance. Its tensile strength and electric breakdown resistance, resistance to vibration fatigue, arc burns and other hot and cold shock resistance are better than that of the porcelain insulator. And unlike porcelain insulator, glass insulator have zero since the explosion insulation self elimination ability, so it is easy to find, don't need to stop the insulation test. Explosive rate is usually higher in the first 3 years, this is the opposite of porcelain insulator. Decades of work and experimental data show that toughened glass insulator have long-term stability of the mechanical and electrical performance and long use life. Ceramic insulator: has good insulation properties, heat resistance, resistance to climate change and assembly sensitivity etc, and is widely used in all kinds of voltage grade line. Disc porcelain insulator belongs to can be breakdown, it is to use the cement to different physical and chemical properties of porcelain and metal rubber fittings.
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