Comparing the cold cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-14
The application of cold shrink cable accessories: one from construction process compared to 1) Cold construction: A cold cable accessories to reduce artificial factors, too much in the construction, the cold just removed the plastic wire inside core will be able to take the initiative to shorten, in the process of shortening won't because of artificial factors caused the insulating tube shorten the uneven surface rendering. Then make sure that the quality of the construction. B cold shortening is in accordance with the procedures from one end to the other end, the program can't change, to ensure that will not be present in the shortened process into bubbles. C in petrochemical risk situations. Cold construction to avoid the use of heat source and become safe. 2) Heat shrinkable construction: A hot shrinkage affected by the construction level of contrast, uneven heating time will cause insulation tube shorten its thickness is not uniform, and even some haven't shorten some base, led to shorten the uneven thickness, thin breakdown of local simple questions. B in the process of hot shrinkage when heated, simply because the extent of the heating hold owe good cause burning state such as insulating tube, and greatly affect the function of insulation pipe insulation. C hot shrinkage in the process of heating, can from one end to the other end of the heating, heating can also from the middle to the two, so she is very simple to shorten the process of air bubbles. D is to stop using flame heat sources such as local, such as petrochemical, chemical and other professional, if use increases the risk, can cause serious trouble. In the process of using 1) Cold cable accessories will follow the heat bilges cold shrink cable and cable insist on synchronous respiration, make outstanding always adhere to the combination of state cables and accessories. 2) Cold heat shrinkable cable accessories will not follow the expansion of the cable and the corresponding change, simple operation for a long time between the cable and attachment space leading to the onset of disturbance. Three quality compared to 1) Inherent strengths make cold cold continuously toward the development of high voltage cable accessory use, currently has 110 kv cold cable accessories. 2) Heat shrinkable cable accessories inherent shortcomings make heat shrinkable cable accessories for a long time wandering in the use of below 35 kv voltage class, and in the 35 kv voltage grade, heat shrinkable cable accessory has now become cable operation often attack the issue of important reasons. Compared to 1) on the four quotation Cold price is expensive, the current cold quotation about thermal shrinkage of 4 - — 10 times or more, but from the perspective of a long-term operating capital, more than 10 kv to think more of the selected from the cold, especially in 35 kv, choose cold drops capital operation for a long time. 2) Heat shrinkable offer cheap, the current hot shrinkage category of the most widely used in the below 35 kv, 35 kv level is now gradually to the cold, category 1 kv and 10 kv category because the price is cheap, still in wide use.
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