Composite column of the material advantages and the status quo

by:Mings     2020-07-06

composite column of the material is mainly divided into silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber ( The EPDM) Get most of the application, or with silicone rubber composite insulating column.

made of silicon rubber umbrella skirt insulator' target='_blank'>composite insulator with sheath, as a result of the silicone rubber surface hydrophobic and hydrophobic migration, to adhere to the umbrella skirt the filth of the surface layer is hydrophobic, it not only greatly improve the composite insulator pollution resistance, also be exempted from the artificial cleaning the difficulties of insulator, thus greatly reduces the operation maintenance workload and cost. In recent years to improve line anti-fouling performance and reduce the maintenance cost has become the first element of composite insulator. Also is the main reason for the rapid development of composite insulator.

from the aspects of aging, because of the composite insulator is made of organic material. In general, organic material aging speed faster than inorganic materials such as ceramic, glass. Although there are data that silicon rubber is organic macromolecule polymer, silicon and oxygen is close to various anti-aging performance of inorganic silicate 0. However, some of domestic composite insulator running time is not long, it had different degrees of aging, such as umbrella skirt less resilient, easy tear, dry, wet lightning pressure drop, the silicone rubber surface hydrophobic weakened. Composite column of the aging rate and effective life, is one of the focuses of the worth.

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