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by:Mings     2020-05-12

composite insulator is in the power industry, often applied to electric power equipment, the application of this product work for electricity has brought very good product, the product is our company mainly processing and production of a product, below small make up will bring us all to know about the knowledge of composite insulator products.

composite insulator, the product features easy installation, resistance to knock against, low cost, good performance, corrosion resistance, contamination resistance performance is good. The performance characteristics of these elite began to be widely used for the product, but due to its defect in the process of production process, causing many problems need to be aware of in running. So doubt B phase high side fuse it has a problem. After blackout to use multimeter to measure the line, found three phase high-voltage fuse it B phase in the terminal two conduction, use 1000 v insulation shake table test, proof that insulation breakdown. Due to strictly implement the work safety procedures in the activities of technical measures, not caused by electric shock accidents. It disciplines at present is still one of the science being booming prosperity. With the rapid of the modernization of the national economy and national established, more and more request for it. At present, its structure and reasonable improvement and made from time to time, type and specification is increasingly heavy and complicated is one of its characteristics.

the content above is the small make up to introduce the relative knowledge of composite insulator, we the application effect of this product is very good, if you still want to know, you can continue to focus on our web site updates, also can make a phone call at any time to contact us, we pay staff will warm reception you.

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