Composite insulator dirt resistant effect how?

by:Mings     2020-05-07
Composite insulator dirt resistant effect how? To understand the effect of fouling resistance, first to understand the overall structure of the composite insulator. Overall composite insulator rod type design, compact structure, high quality, weight is the same level of porcelain and glass insulator 1/10, transportation is extremely convenient installation. Suitable for polluted area, high mechanical tensile load, large span and compact circuit. Fouling lightning ratio increased by 30% - with porcelain and glass insulator 50%. In - 60 degrees - - - - - - - + 200 degrees ambient temperature stable performance; The breakdown type design, don't need to test in the operation of the zero value. ( 1) The filth of the excellent performance. Silicon rubber umbrella cover material surface is not only in the new time is hydrophobic, and under the condition of the line running, when hydrophobic temporarily lost, also can restore its hydrophobic. Water formed in the surface water, liquid silicone rubber is very thin film basically engulfed unclean, thus inhibiting the ionic substances dissolved in the water, provides the high liuzhou information net surface resistance, reduce the leakage current, improve the defiled flashover voltage. This performance even remain silicone rubber materials aging. Thus increasing the reliability of power transmission, significantly reduced the insulator of cleaning and maintenance costs. ( 2) Excellent uv resistance ability, resistance to erosion, xiamen recycling doesn't mark ( 3) Small size, light weight 110 kv / 100 kn composite long rod insulator weight was only about 70 kn porcelain insulator correspondingly by 12%. Such a light weight greatly save the installation transportation cost, it tends to be no crane, and particularly suitable for emergency repair and transport line can't close to mountain line erection, maintenance; Can simplify the structure of tower, the larger span is allowed ( Reduce the number of poles) ; And provide the conditions for the development of compact line. ( 4) The production and delivery time is much shorter than porcelain insulator ( 5) Don't need to zero insulation resistance testing. ( 6) Without this brittle faults characteristics is not only beneficial to the installation of transport, but also makes it to arc resistance ability of washing machine is much higher than the porcelain insulator
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