Composite insulator for insulating sheath, umbrella skirt material requirements

by:Mings     2020-04-30
Composite insulator to the insulating sheath, an umbrella skirt material requirements: a) Climate resistance to prevent ozone, ultraviolet light, moisture, high and low temperature caused by rapid degradation; b) High tracking and erosion resistance to prevent the formation of conductive channels and sheath, umbrella skirt breakdown, should meet the GB/T 19519. 5. The requirements of article 6; c) Sheath, umbrella skirt composite insulator material flame retardant and ac dielectric strength test should meet the GB/T 19519 5 respectively. Article 5 and DL/T 864 - 2003. 4. 3. 3 b) The requirements; d) Composite insulator material of sheath, umbrella skirt of hydrophobic should satisfy DL/T 864 - 2003 appendix A request; e) Composite insulator high tear strength in order to prevent the damage when handling and installation, its mechanical tensile strength, tearing strength should meet the DL/T 864 - 2003. 4. 3. Article 3 d) ,e) f) ,g) The requirements; f) Composite insulator high hydrolysis resistance in order to prevent the increase of conductivity, volume resistivity of the umbrella cover material should comply with the DL/T 864 - 2003. 4. 3. Article 3 a) The requirements; g) In the large temperature difference can maintain a high flexibility, to prevent a sharp change in low temperature and temperature when cause crack or rupture. To ensure the effectiveness and persistence of mandrel protection, connection interface ( Plug - Jacket, jacket - Hardware) Must be of high quality. 【 On a message: composite insulator requirement for metal accessories 】 【 The next message: dimensional deviation of composite insulator technical requirements 】
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