Composite insulator FRP rod materials

by:Mings     2020-05-07
Composite insulator FRP rod materials synthetic resin as the matrix and glass fiber as reinforced material known as fiber composite materials made of strong plastic ( 纤维增强塑料、玻璃钢) , commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic in China. Belongs to the typical dc composite insulator FRP rod materials of unidirectional fiber reinforced plastics, including reinforced material is usually a free of iodine and low iodine glass fiber, such as E fiber; The matrix is usually a epoxy resin or mixture of several kinds of epoxy resin. The production of the mandrel is generally by unidirectional glass fiber impregnated by epoxy resin matrix, the continuous pultrusion ( Or quote) Manufacture process. According to the process need, must according to the proportion in epoxy resin system add curing agent, promoter and the release agent; At the same time, in order to improve the bonding between the fiber and resin performance, still must add coupling agent surface treatment of glass fiber; Here, sometimes in the epoxy resin system with other function additives or fillers has reached a certain performance requirements, such as antifoaming agent, thinner, and coloring. 【 On a message: the manufacturing of composite insulator technology 】 【 The next message: what are the advantages of composite insulator 】
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